New episodes of How Do I Look? on the Style Network return on January 2nd at 8 pm ET/PT. In the first episode back, Jeannie Mai (who is both a stylist and a makeup artist) helps a woman named Alisa with her look. Alisa is someone who wears only purple and is known to everyone as The Purple Lady. “Find your color and rock it. Rock it every day,” Alisa says. Her sheets, watch, post-it’s, purses, closet, shoes, socks, makeup, glasses – everything is a shade of purple. I was given a screener of this episode to review for you guys, so let’s dive into it!

“How do I look?” – Alisa
“Like a walking eggplant?” – Jeannie

I would not want to look like a walking eggplant. The problems that Jeannie isolated were that Alisa’s clothing was shapeless, and the makeup shades she uses of purple lipstick and eyeshadow really wash her out. So it’s not just ‘oh, you can’t wear only purple!’ Alisa was using all-purple clothing as her only shopping strategy, and even admitted that it made her feel safe. Often we get stuck in ruts with our style, makeup or hair. Change IS scary – I can admit it! And sometimes it feels better to just stick with what you already do. So this episode in particular is like a total style intervention.

I love this show because I soak up style and makeup advice like a sponge. The host, Jeannie,  is adorable -yet-sassy, and also has great personal style.  I particularly loved the black enamel earrings she wore in the beginning of this How Do I Look? episode. Watching people try on different types of outfits and learning what works and what doesn’t helps you re-evaluate your own look.

You’ll have to watch the episode to see if Alisa succumbs to Jeannie’s style advice, or resists the makeover.You’d think most people would love a style makeover, but some people really don’t like when someone tries to change things – even if it’s for the better. Remember that for your own life! It’s never too late to try something new.