Usher, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Shakira all have great quotes on The Voice season 4. So we wrote them down!

Adam Levine says, "I want to throw up right now."

Earlier this season, Adam Levine said, “I want to throw up right now.”

“Man, I’m so happy I decided to do this.” – Usher

“As long as I’m out there, people know they’re not the biggest idiot.” – Blake Shelton

“I’m happy to see you at a computer…I’m happy to see you at a piano, and doing your thing, man.” – Usher, to Garrett Gardner (Proof that even celebrities can loose track of their thoughts)

“This countries all about the American dream.” – Shakira

“That’s like one of my favorite songs.” – Usher, about a LeAnn Rimes song!

“You’re better looking and more talented than Blake.” – Adam Levine, to Holly Tucker

“Holy—cr…” Blake
“–Mackerel?” – Adam

About whether he ever fishes, or fishes in the dark, “Sometimes…in other ways…” – Usher

“You can be delicate and not hold back.” – Shakira

“There’s a country artist now that’s genuinley a threat to Blake’s career, I love that.” – Adam Levine about Justin Rivers