Footworkingz from "America's Got Talent"

Footworkingz from "America's Got Talent"

I can’t believe the weeks have been so unbalanced on “America’s Got Talent.” If I were to pick the 15 acts to advance so far, I would pick Acrodunk, Drew Thomas Magic, Mosaic, Thia Megia, Kevin Skinner, Arcadian Broad, The Fab 5, Footworkingz, Marcus Terrell, Pixie Mystere, U4RIA, Hairo Torres, Jeffrey Ou, Mario & Jenny and Lawrence Beamen. That’s five from week one, ONE from last week and NINE from this week. Seriously, guys.

Tonight, I think every act could advance save Bri, Dave Johnson and G-Force. And I think Bri has a pretty good argument to advance.  In fact, I’d probably sub her in for somebody from next week because I don’t think that lineup has 5 good acts to advance.

Tonight the real stand-outs were Footworkingz, Hairo Torres, Mario & Jenny and Lawrence Beamen. The other act to advance… I don’t know. I honestly don’t. Who put these weeks together? I mean, I know that some acts stepped it up and some didn’t and you never know who is going to do well on the live show, but seriously. SO UNBALANCED.

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