irina-project-runwayIt’s become clear that even if she has a major attitude, Irina Shabayeva is one of the top designers on Project Runway right now. She’s successfully maneuvered through ten competitions and in those, she’s had the winning design three times. This 27-year-old from NY, New York is a fan of Jean Paul Gaultier and a graduate of Parsons School of Design.

What I admire about Irina is that she takes everything very seriously and is dedicated to the craft of design work. But I suspect that, like me, she secretly wishes she could be LESS serious sometimes and just let lose and be silly more. I bet you anything that with her perfectionism she’s an only child or a first born. She is a top contender and I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out to be our Project Runway winner. Let’s look at some of her designs!

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Week Five of Project Runway: Winning look


Week Seven of Project Runway: Winning look


Week Ten of Project Runway: Winning look


Christina Aguliera Challenge – I really loved her look:


Wedding Dress Challenge


Sirlinksalot: Project Runway