Spend Thanksgiving with the people who REALLY matter to you: your favorite TV characters. Seriously, don’t act like you weren’t planning on faking a migraine to escape and hang out on the Internet, anyway.


If you find yourself unable to find anything satisfactory to watch during Thanksgiving, try heading right on over to THEWB.com. All ten of the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends will be available there to watch. You’ll also be able to watch Thankgiving episodes from Gilmore Girls, The O.C. and Everwood.

Need help jogging your memory about these episodes? Remember when Monica’s expert dinner gets ruined by a runaway Underdog balloon? Remember Brad Pitt coming by to hate on Rachel? (Talk about something being sad/awkward to watch now, huh?) Remember the Thanksgiving that Ryan and Seth were fighting? (I hope Seth won.) Adam Brody wasn’t just at the O.C. Thanksgiving, he was at a Gilmore Girl one, too.

Remember the Thanksgiving where Lorelai and Rory had to visit four different houses and have four different Thanksgiving meals? Remember when Ephram tried to make Thanksgiving just like how his mother used to have it? (I don’t, I never watched a lot of Everwood, shhh.)  Don’t tell me you don’t remember all of that, you were there for it all! My favorite is the Gilmore Girls episode “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving”. Do people still deep-fry turkeys? Weird. Oh, you know who I bet still deep-fries a turkey? Jimmy Fallon. He has that kooky/crazy ‘I’ll fry anything’ look about him.