A picture Heidi Montag/Heidi Pratt posted this morning before the interview.

A picture Heidi Montag/Heidi Pratt posted this morning before the interview.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Pratt were on Regis and Kelly today to promote their new book How to be Famous. It’s a catchy book title, that’s for sure.

Heidi wore a white shirt dress that was slightly sheer, sheer knee-highs with sparkles on them (looking a bit like a craft project gone awry – yet I’m sure they cost over $800), and nude platform Louboutin pumps. Heidi actually tweeted this morning, Like my fancy sock?!” with a picture. I like them even less when I see them close-up. The dress was cute though, especially with the coat she had to layer on it.

She also tweeted “good morning! getting ready with my glam squad for Regis and Kelly!!!!”. I wouldn’t mind having her life – who would? I want a glam squad. I want to be able to wear sequined socks and have people tell me they look good, dammit.

Getting right to the meat of the matter in the interview, Regis wanted to know if reality shows were really real. Because, like most informed people, he doesn’t think they are. Heidi might have a future in politics because she had the very diplomatic answer of, “I would say all TV is for entertainment.” For entertainment, sure. But is it all entertaining? No.

Spencer admitted that he always wanted to be famous. “When I first got out of my mother’s womb I just felt the energy of all the attention…I was addicted (to fame) since then.” And he wanted Heidi to become super famous. In talking about how he decided he would go be on The Hills Pratt said he thought, “They don’t have a villain on that show so I think I will go step in and be that.” Kelly piped up to ask him if he is a villain or if he plays a villain. Leaning forward with a tiny whisper, Pratt proudly said, “I am a villain.”

Regis wanted to know how Heidi knew Spencer wasn’t just using her to get famous. Cough. But Heidi claims that because Spencer isn’t the marrying type, she knows that he’s in it for real. “The jokes on him.” It’s like she doesn’t realize how many people get divorced a year.

Memorable quotes from the Speidi  interview:

“Are there no unattractive people in The Hills?”- Kelly
“Some people would say my personality is unattractive.” – Spencer

“Looking the part is half the battle. You have to look famous to be famous.” – Heidi

Then the foursome went outside for Heidi to show them how to be famous.

“You never get enough, you pappers!” – Regis

“We have to go because Regis is starting to fight with the paparazzi.” – Kelly

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