Another season of Sons of Anarchy has come to a close. We are once again left to wonder what horrors awai in the wake of the finale, “J’ai Obtenu Cette” –  meaning, “I got this” in French. A nod to Chucky’s recent change to speaking French.

Jax may be thinking “I’ve got this,” but as it has been made clear in Charming – nothing is every going to work out the way you want it to.

The episode, naturally, began with a montage partnered with a perfect song selection. In this case, it was Gemma herself, Katey Sagal, doing a cover of the Lulu song “To Sir With Love.” I almost let it lull me into calmness and happiness since it is one of my all-time favorites, but I knew better. They lyrics – about finding strength and growing up – can’t mean anything good in the context of Charming and SAMCRO.


And I was right to temper my calmness with unhealthy levels of anxiety. The episode brought to a head the two main conflicts that have been brewing through the season – Jax vs Clay and Gemma vs Tara and I couldn’t be happier about that because while so much drama and action always swirls around these people, the show has always ultimately been about the characters and it should remain that way. The lesson that was learned by these two conflicts boiling over – never bet against a Teller. No matter who they destroy along the way, it seems they will always do what it takes to get what they want.

Yet as Jax (Charlie Hunnam) worked toward his incredibly well thought out plan to save Tig (the amazing Kim Coates) and sacrifice Clay (Ron Perlman), he should have seen the darkness coming. Once again, my favorite person on the show, the homeless woman, made an appearance. If I’m remembering correctly this is her sixth time on the show and she has always been an omen for significant change – and usually not the good kind. I love her because as Kurt Sutter has said, she is what she is and she represents what she represents. We take whatever symbolism we want from her. As a writer, I’m in love with that device on the show.

Jax’s plan may have been a pretty solid one – pretend he was going to sacrifice Tig to Pope (Harold Perrineau) but then turn on Pope, let Tig kill him with Clay’s gun to set up Clay – but it wasn’t without it’s issues. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) couldn’t stand to further watch Jax turn into Clay – something Jax feels may be more of an inevitability than he thought. So Bobby removed his VP patch. Meanwhile, August (Billy Brown), Pope’s right hand man and now leader of their crew, find the fact that everything worked out magically for Jax with Clay killing Pope a wee bit suspicious. But since there is no proof it happened otherwise, a bounty is on Clay’s head as he is hauled off to prison, with a little help from Gemma who didn’t provide him with an alibi. For those who were hoping tonight would (finally) be the end of Clay, sorry – dude is still kicking. But he is sitting between two black guys on the prison transport, which doesn’t bode well.

But as Clay’s demise seems to work out for Jax, his family life is falling apart. Tara (Maggie Siff) is almost ready to perform surgery again – and she wants to do that away from Charming up in Oregon and bring the kids with her. She is sick of all the horrors surrounding her – not the least of which includes her husband forcing drugs into his junkie ex. Jax isn’t wanting to hear it, but it seems maybe he could be convinced. Not convinced – Gemma. She won’t let it happen, especially now that her son is working with her new man, Nero (Jimmy Smits) and neither seem in any hurry to get out.

Gemma’s trump card to try to get Tara to stay – going to the cops and saying Tara knew that Otto was going to kill that nurse and that she wanted her to. Tara mistakenly seemed to think that either Gemma was bluffing or that it wouldn’t matter because Otto wasn’t talking. Speaking of – those extremes measures Otto took to not talk… that was insane. Biting off your own tongue and then throwing it at the one-way mirror?? Crazy pants! (And not even the definite most disturbing image on the show, since we also saw someone get a face full of nails and some really sad dog fighting.) I did love Lee’s (Donal Logue) reaction of “Way to commit.” Best line of the night! And for those keeping track, Otto is now almost entirely blind and a mute. I hope he gets stabbed in the ears so he can go deaf and then we can see if he will be able to play pinball remarkably well.

As I said, there were a lot of disturbing moments on the episode, but probably the worst for me was Tara saying “But he’s crying” as she is handcuffed while Thomas cries from his crib in the next room. As a mother, I can’t even imagine getting through that moment. But the final image – mirroring last season’s finale of Tara standing behind Jax – of Gemma standing behind Jax holding Abel… woah, boy. That was a tough one. The title of the episode may be “I got this” but it is clear, things are falling apart just as much as they usually are.

It was a rough ride this season – I think my heart will be glad to have the break – but I’m already so excited to see where season 6 will take us. Jax’s journey isn’t over and I have hope he can be redeemed as our hero. I don’t expect the perfect man – to think that would be naive. But a heroic death in some form (because let’s face it – that’s how his journey will end) is still a possibility. In the mean time, let’s hope Tara get’s out of this pickle she is in soon and Gemma gets what is coming to her. (And yet I still want her and Nero to be happy – that’s weird, right?)


What did you think of the finale? What are you hoping for in seasoon 6?

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