With only one more episode left, I was mentally prepared to be pretty devastated by whatever happened in this week’s Sons of Anarchy. Somehow, I still wasn’t prepared for what “Darthy” brought.


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Ok, readers, I’m going to be honest with you. This was probably one of the most frustrating and devastating episodes to watch. Ever. Yes – all the deaths and kidnappings and beatings of the past 5 seasons were tough. But what happened at the end… well, that was awful.

So, here’s the very brief recap of what happened. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) made a deal that Clay (Ron Perlman) would get taken to the table for a vote after he tells his story about the Nomads. He does, they unanimously vote to take his patch but Bobby is the sole vote no on killing him. Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is pissed but Bobby says it was just to keep Jax from turning into Clay. The Cartel’s deal with the Chinese to run guns is put on hold because it’s going to take the Chinese about 3 months for their first shipment, so Romeo (Danny Trejo) tells Jax they need to work with Galen (Timothy V. Murphy) and the IRA at least once more after that day’s deal. And even though Jax talks to Galen, they work it out, the Cartel shows up, shoots a bunch of people and crates of guns and ruins it all. Jax is rightfully annoyed and Galen vows vengeance on the Sons because… I don’t really know. He can be a bit testy. Clay decides he is going to be an independent now and do all the crap the Sons won’t do, like work with the Irish. He also plans on running away with Gemma (Katey Sagal) who seems to be in love with both Clay and Nero (Jimmy Smits) nowadays.

Tara testifies about Otto and the nurse, and the nurses brother, Lee Toric, (I knew that’s why it was Donal Logue!), an ex-Marshall, threatens her.  Tara (Maggie Siff) also starts to worry about what would happen to the boys if she and Jax both can’t take care of them, so she calls Wendy (Drea de Matteo). Unfortunately for Wendy, the Irish see her with Jax and Abel and kidnap her where she learns all about Abel’s trip to Belfast. She then tells Jax and Tara she is suing for custody because they are awful. So Jax goes to Wendy’s and then shoots her up with heroine so she will be a junkie again and not an issue for him.

So…. there’s the episode in a nutshell. Now how I feel about it. Awful. That’s how I feel. Let’s see…. where to start. How about Nero? He’s this man who seems to just be so gentle, but with a dark past, who thanks to dealing with the Sons is now falling back in with the ghosts of that past. He is going to lose everything, including one could assume, his life. He gave up half a million to save Wendy (just to have Jax ruin her anyway) and now he is back in the game for good. Without that money there is no out for Nero.

Clay is just a mess. For a brief moment I almost felt bad for the guy. Yes, he is the villain (though it is getting harder and harder to tell what constitutes a villain on this series) so I shouldn’t feel bad. But the club was his life. It is all he knows and understands and it is being taken away from him. Granted, it’s because of his own actions, which is why you can only feel so bad. But still, it’s gone and now he is left to scramble and figure out what that means. It’s depressing. And it’s also going to be dangerous for the club. I get Bobby’s good intentions, but why did he think having the club not sanction the kill was going to make Jax any less like Clay? Isn’t it just going to force him to be MORE like him and kill Clay behind the club’s back like Clay did with JT? It wasn’t Bobby’s best piece of logic. And it backfired even further with Jax not trusting him now. It’s just bad.

As for Wendy… I’m frankly Team Wendy here. And when I’m Team Wendy you know that things have really gone to hell in a hand basket because she is awful. But everything she said to Jax and Tara was completely warranted. Their life is endless storm of danger and craziness. Kidnappings, killings, people being sent to prison. Jax and Tara love those boys, but if they keep going in the direction they are going, there is nothing keeping them safe. Jax seems to constantly move farther and farther away from getting out. Something that isn’t surprising or necessarily wrong – it just isn’t great if he wants to keep up this front as a family man. Look at Opie’s kids. They now live with a porn star that is their ex-step mom. And Opie had actually gotten out! If only temporarily.

But what Jax did at the end – it’s unspeakably horrific. I don’t care what Wendy has done to him or threatened to do. She, at this point, was safe. He not only ruined her life, he potentially ruined his children’s. It crossed a line that I just didn’t imagine Jax ever crossing. He talked at the start of the episode of wanting to become the man JT wrote of becoming – but that is almost not even an option any more. He is lost in a world of increasing darkness and just keeps drowning everyone around him as he tries to pull himself out. In the end – they all just sink.

While I haven’t always loved Jax’s life choices over the seasons (naturally – it’s normal to make bad decisions and it makes for more compelling characters) I’ve never been so angry at him. While I love this show forever, I’ve, maybe naively, have always wanted to at least love Jax. He’s our hero. He’s our guide through this messy world. But now he’s done something that is just… wrong. Worse than killing her, frankly.

I’m glad next week is the finale. I don’t think I could take much more! This show is fascinating like almost no other show on television and is acted at a level that is remarkable. But I am seeking therapy for watching it.

What do you expect to see in the finale? Will Tig (Kim Coates) make it out alive? Is this the end of Nero? Pope (Harold Perrineau)? What about Lee?

Hit the comments with what you thought about the episode and what you think will happen in next week’s 90 minute finale!

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