Here’s the moral of this week’s Sons of Anarchy episode: Never, ever wake a sleeping baby. You will have some incredibly bad karmic retribution heading your way.

Am I right, Tara? I’m right.

I’ll get to Tara and her questionable decision making in a minute. First one thing:

Juice (Theo Rossi) is still aliiiiiive! Wheeee! Not that I think that means he will make it out of the season. I’m just glad he made it through all 90 minutes of the episode. Right now Juicey is stuck between a rock and a hard place. That rock being Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and the hard place being Clay (Ron Perlman). Jax is completely up to speed on Juice. Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) tells him, and Bobby (Mark Boone Junior), that the leverage Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) had over Juice was his father was black. The sad thing is, Jax and Bobby were just plain dumbfounded that this stupid thing is what caused all the drama. Just like we thought they would be. Because even if the MC has rules (which Jax was willing to change with a few new bylaws) they are still a family, and Juice is (was?) a part of that. His father’s race wasn’t important. Oh Juicey…

So now Jax has Juice looking for that paperwork the nomads stole from the safe – the paperwork we assume will convict Clay at the table. Juice is doing it, but he is clearly torn because his recent time with Clay has him feeling bad for the old man. And, man, was Clay working the hell out of that today with everyone. His whole, “I’m just trying to make it in this crazy world” routine was kind of epic. Even I was questioning if he was being legit or not. Of course his whole deal with Romeo (Danny Trejo) to keep the guns running with the Irish and get rid of Jax pretty much answers that question.

But Juice is still on the hunt, trying to find the papers. I feel so bad for this kid. He doesn’t want to betray anyone, even though he’s already been forced to betray everyone. Although, as tense as this whole thing is, I did love that his way of getting out of the house when Clay nearly came in as he was searching for the papers was to ask if Clay needed anything at Costco. I would pay money to see Juice walking around Costco. I mean, seriously. That means he has a Costco card in his wallet. Is it like a club membership they all share or does he have his own? Does he try the food samples? So. Many. Questions. Alas, I have a feeling none of them will be answered and we’ll continue to just focus on his mission for Jax. Whatever, Sutter.

Speaking of Jax… wow. That kid is kind of off the rails. He hunted down and then Chibs killed that impossibly large black man who killed Opie. And I don’t begrudge him that justice. But as Bobby pointed out, it may have burned a 20 year friendship with the Grim Bastards (the leader was the guy’s cousin, and Jax promised they wouldn’t kill him) in the process. Watching Bobby and Jax argue hurt, I’ve gotta say. Bobby is the heart of SAMCRO and I need him to support Jax. But I did love that Chibs was going to be by Jax’s side no matter what. Their scene together was beautiful. If there is one character I love no matter what, it’s Chibs.

Meanwhile, Jax is also dealing with Pope (Harold Perrineau – who seems less scary now that I’m watching him in The Wedding Band on TBS). In order to get Charming Heights going, Jax is trying to get Pope to back it, but Pope is getting tired of waiting for Tig (Kim Coates) to be handed to him on a silver platter. Basically, why should he keep helping Jax if he’s not getting what he wants? I think this shaky friendship is about to fall off a cliff. Jax is getting a bit drunk with his power, and that’s to be expected. He’s juggling a million different things – Clay, Juice, Gemma, Pope, the Cartel – none of which seem to be able to stay on track. But when things falter with Pope and he has to give up Tig… that’s going to be an ugly day.

Then there are the women. Poor old ladies. Gemma is just so sad to watch as she whores herself out for her son to get her husband to finally confess. Watching her have to kiss him made my stomach wrench. All she wants is her family back. But I think her path to get it is going to nearly kill her. And when Jax comes out of this haze he is in, what will it do to him?

Though he’s busy right now with his own old lady. Oh Tara. Sad, sad, Tara. She is just so pathetic right now. When she woke Thomas so she could hold him, I almost cried. That is just heartbreaking. She is so lost! Making it worse, Tara (Maggie Siff) is offered this dream job up in Oregon. (Thing I found amusing – the actress who played the woman offering the job is named Tara Summers and on Ringer she played a character named Gemma. Also, Ringer starred Sarah Michelle Gellar who played Buffy Summers. I’m easily amused, it seems.) But first Tara needs to finish up her time with Otto (Kurt Sutter). He fixed it so Tara would come back, which should have been a red flag because he was already going to recant his statement in the RICO case. But Tara, so empowered I think by their last encounter, doesn’t seem to question it.

Which is fine. But not questioning the fact that he wanted her to get some huge ass crucifix of Luann’s and then put it on him and then leave the room for awhile??? That’s just crazy pants. Seriously Tara. You are a highly educated doctor. What the hell? Otto calls for the nurse while Tara is gone, convinces them (with what should have been an alarming sense of urgency) that he needed to leave because he was done. But Tara came back too soon and Otto then just had to do it in front of her. And by ‘it,’ I mean brutally kill the nurse (played by the amazing, Karina Logue, by the way) by stabbing her repeatedly in the neck with the crucifix.

Good news: Otto’s statement in the RICO case no longer counts because he just brutally killed a nurse. Bad news: He did it with a weapon that Tara snuck into the prison for him, thereby making her an accessory to murder. You know, several seasons now have had Jax going to be hauled off to prison. Wouldn’t it be a nice twist if this season ended with Tara doing the same? Well maybe not, nice. But definitely different. (Where is Wendy? I sense her imminent return in the wake of this!)

Things are as awful as ever in Charming, it seems. Everyone has crossed the line. And what Jax said about the different levels crossing the line is perfect:

” Hey brother, once you cross the line there’s no comparing…. There’s just that side of the line.”

We could make a list of all of the indiscretions these people have made this season (or just this episode) but in the end, they all did it. Who’s to judge who is the worst among them? (Me. It’s Clay. Obviously.)  Next week’s episode I’m nervous for. Why? Because the title is a quote from Hamlet. But said by Polonius. Alright, fellow English Lit Nerds, who is Polonius on this show??

What do you think is in store for the rest of the season? Only a few more episodes left. Yikes!

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