“Una Venta” means “a sale” (all those years of high school Spanish, finally paying off!) and it is more than just guns for sale this week on Sons of Anarchy. There is also crank, people’s integrity, information and important committee memberships for the taking. All with massive repercussions for the club, naturally. Because it’s not an episode of Sons of Anarchy without having to worry it’s all about to fall apart.

Gemma’s unlikely alliance

Gemma has a new friend, and no, I don’t mean Chucky. But aren’t they adorable together? Gemma’s flowers were dying, so she went to the floral shop. Which is owned by Rita Roosevelt – the new sheriff’s wife. Rita is none too happy about Charming Heights because she wants to save the gardens that will be destroyed by them.

She is trying to raise $80,000 to save them an has started a committee to do so. Gem wants in, but doesn’t want to sully Rita’s committee with SAMCRO. So she gets Tara’s name on the list with her $5000 Gold Circle donation. Rita didn’t care either way, but appreciates Gemma’s genius move – using her future daughter-in-law, the surgeon, as a clean way in. I like these two…. Unfortunately, AUSA Linc Potter overheard most of this, and then pretended to be on the zoning board to feed Gemma information: if Hale doesn’t get enough investors, the land goes back to the city council under imminent domain and Charming Heights is done.

Piney’s change of heart

Piney, fresh off a death threat from Clay, is suddenly very very interested in whatever Tara was asking him about in that mini-episode I told you to watch. (See! They are important.) Tara calls Piney on his BS – he basically threatened her never to bring it up again, and now he wants to read JT’s letters? She realizes he wants leverage. And after he passes out (his health is declining) and is admitted to the hospital,  he admits that’s his plan. He tells Tara about JT wanting to cut ties with the Irish and then winding up dead before he could make it happen. He also describes a JT that sounds exactly like Jax, something Tara doesn’t exactly take comfort in. Gemma, after walking in on two Tara/Piney convos realizes something is up and threatens Piney herself. He doesn’t care – you know, because he’s dying. She also alludes to the fact that she doesn’t believe him about the drug running. Oh, Gemma. You aren’t even fooling yourself with that.

Introducing SAMTAZ: they have issues

We were introduced to another charter: SAMTAZ (Tuscon, AZ). SAMTAZ has had some upheaval recently. Their Pres was killed, ushering in new leadership. And with that new leadership: selling crank. SAMCRO is pissed. Bobby is extra pissed because he finds Clay’s anger at SAMTAZ hypocritical, because “wheeling or wielding” is the same thing. Okay… it gets complicated, but basically, two members decided they wanted to start selling crank to make more money. So they have the leader killed to get him out, since he would never go for it. And one of the members had been sleeping with another member’s Old Lady, which they held over his head as leverage to kick him out when he said he didn’t want in on the crank dealing. Bobby, hearing this, gets uncomfortable, you know, because he was sleeping with Luann – Otto’s Old Lady. When Clay reveals this to the new Pres (who was in the dark), the new pres kicks out (violently) the two who orchestrated it. Of course, he decides to keep selling crank because, guess what, that stuff is good money.

Linc continues to cause problems

The reason SAMCRO was down in AZ was to make an exchange with the Galindo Cartel – all the guns for a lot of money and the cocaine they are going to run for them. 30 kilos of uncut Colombian cocaine, to be exact. I don’t have to be well-versed in the exchange rate for drugs nowadays to know that is worth a crap load of money. But while SAMCRO was in AZ, they had a tail. SAMCRO assumed it was a tail on SAMTAZ because of the crank, but it was ATF placed on them by Linc. While ATF didn’t get to the meet – SAMTAZ led them to an old gas station and made a whole lot of oil drums go BOOM in the street (Ooooo. Explosions!) – they did get a picture of Luis, Romeo’s right hand man. And with that pic, a connection to the Galindo Cartel shown talking to SAMCRO. Bad news for our boys, because that brings them one step closer to a RICO violation. But Linc’s fun didn’t stop there. He also paid a visit to Otto in solitary. Seems when the San Joaquin Sheriffs took over for Charming PD they reopened all the old cases. Including Luann’s death. And the autopsy showed something interesting: semen. From one Robert Munson AKA Bobby Elvis. Oh, and if he talks about Bobby or anyone else, Linc will get Otto out of solitary. He left the pictures of Luann’s dead body in the cell with him. That Linc… he’s a bastard.

Things are not looking good! Bobby had every right to get all twitchy when he heard about that other guy! It’s like he knew something was coming. Plus he’s been extra lippy with Clay, so he better watch out! And Piney getting all nosy can’t be good. I am very very nervous for next week. If you saw the previews, things get extra scary for Juice. Nooo!

Before I go, my personal favorite exchange of the night:

Tara: You know, most civil people would knock before entering,

Gemma: I’m not most people.

Chucky: And she’d definitely not civil.

Gemma: What are we, George and Gracie now?

Oh, I love a good old school reference. Gemma’s the greatest.

What did you think of the episode? Are you all freaking out with me??

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae