Last week on Sons of Anarchy season 4, the Galindo Cartel was introduced to SAMCRO. While the deal with them will bring the Sons a lot of money, it looks like it will also be bringing a lot of trouble along as well. Everyone has an opinion about dealing with the Cartel, and as those opinions start to clash, the crew starts to fall apart.

Tara and Gemma’s Understanding

Last week Gemma found the letters John Teller wrote to Maureen in Tara’s office. This week, Gemma went to do more digging to see what exactly Tara knew or thought. She brought Unser along as a guard, but he didn’t do such a great job, and hospital administrator, Margaret, caught Gemma looking for the key to the locked drawer in Tara’s office. Margaret lets Tara know, and we found out that when the guys were in prison, Tara was looking for work far away from Charming. And she still might be. She knew she may need an out.

Later, Gemma and Tara had an intense conversation. Gem let Tara know about Maureen and Trinity (though she thankfully left out the part where Tara’s fiance almost slept with his sister. Ick.). How she fell in love with Clay and didn’t care what that did to the club. How all she cared about were her boys who JT abandoned to go see Maureen. While I don’t think it’s over, Gemma let Tara know enough that Tara started to see both sides and then put the letters in storage. But how long will they remain a secret?

Clay’s endless promises

Jax and Clay are both worried about how to get the guys to support their partnership with the Galindo Cartel. In order to try to get some more support, Clay takes Bobby, not Tig, with him to the Wahewa Res when he is called down there. The Wahewa heard about the new buyers, and realizing that SAMCRO was getting more money out of the deal, they wanted more money for their ammo. Meanwhile, their is a Russian buried in the mud with just his shoulders and head above ground covered in flesh-eating ants. It is disgusting.

The Wahewa guy leaves Clay and Bobby to talk it out. Bobby is mad that Clay is making these deals that involve running drugs just for the money. Clay tells Bobby, he is going to want out soon, but so is Jax and when they leave, Clay wants Bobby to be President. Interesting, considering Clay promised Jax he would support Opie as Pres when they leave! He also tells Bobby that there is no way he is giving the Wahewa any more money for their ammo, so as far as they are concerned, they aren’t making anymore with the new buyers. Problem is, the Russian overheard, so Clay kills him sooner than the ants can. The Wahewa leader was unimpressed because he had planned the next two days around watching this guy die. Now I bet he has to go pick out curtains with his wife.

Juice & Roosevelt have a secret

Potter is on the hunt to get SAMCRO for RICO violations, and his new target is their connection with the Galindo Cartel (man, people talk in Charming!). But first things first – he needs to rattle SAMCRO. Honestly, dude, they are rattling themselves enough, you probably don’t need to do anything, but whatever. He tells Roosevelt to pick up Juice because they have something on him. Uh oh! Two cops go and pick up Juice at his colonic place (gross) and bring him in. Roosevelt tells him he can let him meet with his father… and then shows a picture of an African-American guy.

Turns out Puerto Rican Juice is not so Puerto Rican. He’s Black. SAMCRO doesn’t know and as much as we want to love those guys, it seems they won’t take too kindly to the lie. Remember – their wall was all white! So now Roosevelt has Juice under his belt. Meanwhile, Roosevelt has a secret of his own – while at the hospital (and supposed to be acting as lookout for Gemma), Unser spots Roosevelt. He’s there with a woman, presumably his wife, going to the fertility clinic. Too bad for you, new sheriff, SAMCRO loves to play on people’s weaknesses!

Kozik gets played

The guys are at Happy’s place (which apparently needs to be kept very neat. Love it) loading up gun crates into a truck. Two neighborhood kids see this and when Kozik is left alone, challenge him to a game of basketball. They call him Lemonhead and I giggle in delight – I miss The Shield! The boys get a jump on Kozik, hit him in the head and take his keys to steal the truck. When Jax finds out he is sooo mad. They need those guns for the Galindos. They go see a woman in town who sells a lot of illegal stuff – Vivica. She is an older African American woman with a bunch of BIG sons. Two are named Luther and Vandross, which I found to be delightful. She says she doesn’t run guns – just things like dvd players and other stuff you find on the back of trucks. Before they can question her more, the kids who stole Kozik’s keys drive up towards Vivica’s, so the guys get on their bikes and chase them.

A cop car sees the kids drive by first, and pull  them over. Kozik guns down the cop car to get the cops away and then the rest of the crew (Jax, Tig, Filthy Pil and Opie) pull around the kids. Poor boys thought they got away with it. They said they already sold the guns to Vivica!! So the crew goes back, and accuse her of lying, but then her boys all come out shooting! She calls them off, not before they nearly gun down Jax though, and the boys say they bought them to sell so they could get their mama a Ford F350! Awwwww. So sweet!! Vivica smacks them all upside the head, tells them to give the guns back and apologizes. I am in love with her, and you can tell Jax likes her too, and I hope she is on a lot more this season.

The Vote

So, after all the nonsense, the guys meet back up at the clubhouse to vote on the Galindo cartel. Before the vote, Piney tells Gemma they will be running drugs, hoping she can talk some sense into Clay. That backfires. When Gemma says something, Clay manhandles her and says to mind her business as Bobby and Piney look on. It’s sad. I hate when Gemma looks so scared. As Opie and Jax start to go in, Opie stops Jax and says he will support him on this because Clay will be done soon and then it will be the two of them at the head of the table. So sad, since that isn’t Jax’s plan!

Here’s how the vote goes down: No– Chibs, Juice, Bobby, Happy, Piney. Yay– Jax, Clay, Tig, Opie, Kozik and Eric (the former prospect). It passes. But a severe line has been drawn down the center of this club which is solidified when Clay threatens to kill Piney if he interferes again.

I don’t know about you, but I think this season is on fire. I’m already so nervous about where it is going to go with the Galindo Cartel, how things will play out with Roosevelt and AUSA Potter, and what will happen when all these secrets inevitable bubble over. Also – I hope there is more Vivica.

This has been a Sons of Anarchy Review for Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 3, Dorylus

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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