At the end of last week’s Sons of Anarchy season 4 episode SAMCRO killed a whole mess of Russians and Gemma found out that either Jax or Tara have been reading John Teller’s letters to Maureen. Both events will have quite a bit of fallout. What does it all mean? Why nothing good for our favorite citizens of Charming, naturally!

Introducing the Galindo Cartel

Now that the Russians are out of the game (you know, since SAMCRO killed a good portion of their NorCal contingency) the guys don’t have to worry about a middle man in their gun running trade. And they have a new, very wealthy and very connected buyer: The Galindo Cartel. This match was made thanks to SAMCRO’s truce with the Mayans. The head of the cartel is Romeo, played by none other than Danny Trejo. And it’s about damn time he showed up on this show, don’t you think? His right hand man is Luis (The Shield’s Benito Martinez). A meet is set up by Alvarez between these two and Jax and Clay. Romeo agrees to buy all the guns the guys took from the Russians and ammo from the Wahewas for a lot of money – just one little favor needs to happen: Clay has to agree to mule drugs. Not sell, just act as a carrier. Clay agrees and Jax is pissed. They don’t run drugs in SAMCRO. But while he may be pissed, it gives Jax the opening he was looking for: leverage to get out of the Sons. He tells Clay he will support this in the vote, and help get people to vote with them if CIay agrees to help get Jax out when Clay gets out and put in for Opie to be president. Clay is shocked, saddened but relatively understanding and agrees. The first test is later that day at the table. Everyone immediately balks at the idea of running drugs (such fine upstanding citizens!!) but when Jax whips out a Mary Poppins bag of cash (seriously – it’s like he never stops taking stacks of cash out!) they start to reconsider a bit. But Bobby says he thinks this will kill SAMCRO and he is going to fight it.

Jax & Opie: Old Lady and Russian troubles

After the Russians were found the next morning, you can imagine what the lead story on the news was! When Tara asks Jax about it he asks how much she wants to know. Her answer: everything. Because she is a BAMF now. And Jax tells her. At Opie’s house Lyla wants to know if these Russians have anything to do with the people at their wedding the night before and Opie lies and says no. Hmmm. Which relationship is more stable? Oh, and Lyla is still doing porn, FYI. But she keeps it to girl on girl, natch. She’s a married lady now! When Opie and Jax head to the Wahewa to get some ammo they discuss what is going on with the Galindos. Opie is worried because while Tara (and Donna) could handle the guys being inside, Lyla isn’t going to be able to raise 3 kids alone. (Then why are you trying to knock her up with a fourth Op? And how mad are you going to be when you inevitably find out you already did and she had an abortion?!?)  They don’t have much time to talk more because when they get to the res, it’s empty and they find a dead body. The Russians (that are left) are there! They have taken two of the female ammo makers hostage, and then they take Opie and Jax hostage too.  They want their guns back. They call Clay, who is a little busy (we’ll get to that) but never fear, because just when Opie and Jax think all hope is lost – who arrives but Romeo and Luis. As they said, they are very, well connected, and heard this was going down. So they saved the day! Huzzah!

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

When Gemma tells Clay that she found evidence of John’s letters to Maureen, Clay just told her to relax and not get worked up over something that could be nothing. If Jax knew, they would know by now. But he was a little worried himself and asked Unser if Tara had been nosing around. Unser said no, but was suspicious. Meanwhile, Gemma feels out Jax, but ultimately feels Clay was right – Jax hasn’t seen anything bad. But then she goes on a crazy tear through the house looking for the letters.  She doesn’t find anything, but that pesky Abel tips her off when he starts going through her purse looking for something to color on. Someone ought to buy that kid some paper of his own. So off Gemma goes to search Tara’s stuff at work. She find the letters in a locked drawer. Inside, along with the letters, a police report for John’s “accident” signed by Unser. Gemma tell Unser that Tara knows and he says they need to keep it to themselves (in other words: don’t tell Clay).

Roosevelt Hulks Out

After the Russians (and that Fed) are killed Potter’s task force is reduced to him and the ATF agent. He is also quickly learning just how skeevy Hale is when all Hale seems to care about is his property values. The fact that the mayor has so many investments in town doesn’t sit well either. Roosevelt is just pissed that SAMCRO killed all these guys right under his nose at the wedding. So he descends upon the clubhouse with the Charming Fire Department in tow. He gives then a list of violations from the fire chief, but that’s not the bad part. He TRASHES the place. First he looks at the wall of mug shots, points out they are all white, and then knocks down the wall. Then he goes to the Reaper table and throw the ax down into it. When Jax and Opie return and everyone is let back inside, the place is completely torn apart. So Tara gives them the one thing she hopes (assumes) will cheer them all up: the news of their engagement. Not as thrilled: Gemma and Unser….

Other Stuff:

– Bobby is starting to realize that Clay is shutting everyone but Jax out. He tells Tig that they need to fix it, because without the two of them to balance out Clay, there will be trouble.

– Oswald is back! But he is a bit broken. He agrees to let Clay have the lumber yard warehouse for gun running, but in return he wants Clay to let Charming Heights happen. Clay agrees. But Clay seems to agree to just about anything nowadays. However, I enjoyed this scene so much just because I love Oswald.

-”No one smells that stench?” AUSA Potter’s thoughts on Jacob Hale. Agreed, sir.

Who else is incredibly nervous about where all of this is going? I don’t want Gemma to be mad at Tara. I like the two strong women to be strong together. And while the Cartel was pretty nifty when it came to getting Jax and Opie out of a jam, it does mean they will be very dangerous is crossed.

Next week we discover more about Roosevelt and the damage he can cause. It’s good stuff, people. Unless you are SAMCRO, then not so great.

This has been a Sons of Anarchy Review for Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 2, Booster

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