The ending of last week’s Sons of Anarchy promised more than a little bit of tension for this week, and picking up the moment where we left off,  the episode not disappoint. With Juice in trouble, and Clay approaching the edge, things really started to take a turn in this crazy and bloody hour.

Papa Tig
This week we met one of Tig’s previously mentioned, but until now, unseen children. Dawn (Rachel Miner) shows up looking for help from her Daddy saying her sister Fawn is in trouble. Immediately, Gemma has her radar up because Dawn is trouble. Chucky, however finds her to be real pretty and makes himself available to her by making fresh lemonade. Adorbs, Chucky. Dawn says her sister, Fawn (of course), has an eating disorder that is getting out of hand and needs to enter a rehab facility in Orange County. But it’s pricey – like 12 grand kind of pricey.

Gemma, mother to all, takes it upon herself to call Dawn and Fawn’s mother, who says Fawn is just fine. Gemma tells Tig, who says he will take care of it. Which means giving her the 12K and sending her on her way. Why? Because in some warped way that is Tig’s way of being a good father. And he knows that is how he will be able to see his girls again. Plus, what else do you do with a ton of drug money other than give it to your scam artist spawn?

Ima trouble
When Tara brings Thomas to Gemma in the morning, they get quite the shock – Ima emerging from the clubhouse apartment. To say it is tense is a bit of an understatement. Tara gets the scariest look I have ever seen on her face. So scary in fact that Gemma feels the need to step in front of Tara and tell Ima that she better go or Tara will basically kill her. Tara storms out, overwhelmed with rage and Gemma asks if Jax came home the night before. Tara said it’s not the point – Ima shouldn’t be there. Then Lyla shows up asking if they have seen Opie, because he didn’t come home the night before. The slight look of relief that appears on both Tara and Gemma’s faces goes unnoticed by Lyla. They cover for Opie, and go to leave.

Lyla turns around and sees Ima’s car with her obnoxious vanity plate and heads into the clubhouse to find Ima. They have words – Ima’s are very nasty and hurtful – and when Lyla goes to punch her (to be honest, doesn’t look like that punch would have done much damage) Ima pulls a gun on everyone in the clubhouse, including Gemma, Tara, THOMAS and Piney. She leaves and Lyla is left to be sad. Tig and Bobby call Opie (he’s busy dealing with the missing brick of cocaine) and he, Clay and Jax come back to the clubhouse to sort things out. First Piney punches Opie (GO PINEY!!). Gemma and Tara both tell Jax this is not okay and that he needs to make sure it doesn’t happen again. They both separately tell him that he can never ever be with her again because it will screw up their family. Opie and Lyla talk and he tells her he saw the birth control pills and that’s why he did it. Making it so much better, Lyla tell him about the abortion. So now Opie is living in the clubhouse and the kids are with him mom.

At the end of the episode we see Jax go to see Ima at the porn shoot. She kisses him, and asks if he is jealous. Kurt Sutter is a rat bastard because he made it look like they’ve been doing it all along (gross), but of course it is just a trick. Jax is just there to get her alone and then throws her into a vanity and tells her if she comes near his family again he’ll kill her. Then he spits on her. I don’t promote violence towards women, but I kinda loved that scene. I’m sending my therapy bill to Sutter.

I love Wayne Unser
That’s right. I said it. I love him. His storyarc this week is brief. He’s still following Tara. When he falls asleep during the whole Ima fiasco and misses Tara leaving, Clay come up to him and basically says you can’t follow Tara forever. She’s too much of a liability and if Clay goes down, so does Unser. Unser goes to Roosevelt saying Tara is in danger, but gives no details, so of course, Roosevelt can’t do anything. We see someone typing a death threat up for Tara and then later discover it is Unser. He leaves it on Tara’s car so as a warning – people are coming for you! I say it again – I love Unser.

The Case of the Missing Brick
As expected, after Chibs pointed out the brick of cocaine was missing, all hell broke loose. The Sons were accusing the Mayan that was on guard. The Mayan said Juice was the one that went in. Juice said, “Oh, like I just stuck a ki of blow down my pants and just walked out.” It’s funny cause it’s true! Oh Juice! Clay, Alvarez and Jax talk – they agree to talk to their own guys and whoever did it, Son or Mayan, is gonna die.

First Happy and Tig pretend to interrogate Miles with a small sledge hammer. Happy is scary, so it does it’s job – freak out Filthy Phil and Rat, the two prospects that were guarding the cocaine. They didn’t know what was in there, but they knew it was worth a lot, so Clay suspects them. They bring the two in, and make them play a game of Russian Roulette, which they both do and survive. Unsure what to do, Juice and Chibs  just leave them in a room and do a death match. While waiting outside Juice asks Chibs if he is ever upset about the rules about blacks in the MC because of Fiona (well played, Juice). Chibs says, the rules are the rules and if you start picking and choosing which to follow, where will it end? I have to say – I understand why Sutter is doing this storyline and all, but that one line from Chibs finally made it okay for me on why Juice has something to fear room the club.

Nothing comes from the death match, of course, so Clay says just kill one so they have a dead body to offer Romeo and the Galindo Cartel. Juice panics and decides to tell the prospects they have 15 minute to go get the brick and put it back, no questions. Juice then goes to get the brick, but is spotted by Miles. Miles shoots Juice in the leg, and there is a scuffle ending with Juice plugging about 5 bullets in Miles’ eye. Bye bye Miles, you’re now the scapegoat, Juice is the hero (with a couple grams stashed away from AUSA Potter) and Romeo is happy to get his good.

So happy that when Clay tells him that Tara is a problem and needs to be taken out, Romeo agrees to clean up the mess. NOOOO!

Sons of Anarchy Quotes:
Tig: My kid just showed up.
Bobby: Which one?
Tig: The crazy one
Jax: Which one?
Tig: Yeah, yeah. I know.

Tara (to Ima): Keep that .38 close, bitch. You’re gonna need it.

Gemma (about Dawn): That’s why mothers should drown baby girls.

I LOVED this episode. It was intense, funny, had movement on all fronts. Perfect. I also love when Gemma and Tara are a team who protect each other.

Next week on Sons of Anarchy: More crazy!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter: @serrae