After watching this week’s Sons of Anarchy I went to bed with the nursery rhyme “Rock-a-bye Baby” stuck in my head. I’ve never wanted that damn bough to break more than after this week’s ending. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at all the other intense crap Kurt Sutter put us through this week.

Ever wonder what’s in a tortilla? Well, if you are buying them from Alvarez, then apparently it’s cocaine. No wonder they can be so addictive. That is how he ships the cocaine to dealers: in wells he cuts out in stacks of tortillas. He is one enterprising dude.  While the boys of SAMCRO are checking in on the operation, Jax gets a call about the death threat on Tara.

While leaving, a car plows through the gate and starts shooting everyone in sight. Alvarez is hit – and so is his doctor. The doc is dead, so while Jax is off on a lone ride to hunt down the shooters, the  rest of the crew bring Alvarez to the clubhouse to have Tara patch him up.

While she is digging that bullet out of her shoulder she discovers that the death threat may have to do with their dealings with the cartel because cartels target families. Good stuff.  To say that Tara is pissed is an understatement. She allowed this to happen (a little tidbit she let slip in front of Gemma, which certainly piqued Gem’s interest). She just doesn’t like to be lied to. The note on the car is something everyone assumes is from the cartel, but unfortunately for Unser, Clay is not that dumb. He shoves Wayne (the man has cancer, Clay!!) and tells him to stay out of his business. He doesn’t listen though and goes to talk to Margaret at the hospital. Hmmm… Jax promises Tara that everything will be fine, but as we’ve seen many times, things don’t always work out as planned in Charming.

Speaking of, when Jax follows the shooters, he winds up at an apartment complex. Opie, Chibs, Clay, Bobby and Tig join Jax in a very Strike Team-esque raid of the apartment. Apparently Sutter was feeling nostalgia for his days on The Shield and I like it! When they get in they find a large Mexican family with approximately 38563 kids (I may be slightly off on that number). Jax recognizes one of the shooters, who acts like he can’t speak English. Tig threatens one of the women, like the class act that he is, to get her to talk. The other shooter comes out all crazy like, using another woman as a shield. He shoots the translator (who hadn’t said anything yet) so Chibs kills him. Jax is annoyed and does his stomping his feet “I just wanted to talk!” thing that is so adorable.  They find out that the other cartel in Mexico, that can’t get in the border without Romeo knowing, is threatening the shooter’s family back in Mexico to get him to do this for them. Great.

As if that isn’t stress enough, Juice is having a breakdown. Between killing Miles and Roosevelt pressing him for the drugs, he isn’t handling things well. Juice tells Roosevelt he is only giving up the sample of drugs if he gets to meet the man in charge. Potter says no, and tells Roosevelt to have Juice meet him with the drugs and then arrest him for possession. Roosevelt’s head nearly explodes – he doesn’t want to be a dirty cop, for either side of the law. Gotta respect that. But Potter doesn’t care. That guy is crazier by the day. So Roosevelt does it and the look on both his and Juice’s face is heartbreaking. Potter then tells Roosevelt to let Juice go because the fear will eat at him and he will cooperate. Not exactly how it turns out. But first, back to SAMCRO.

Things have obviously gone completely to hell. Not only is Tara’s life being threatened, but after hearing about this new turn of events, Lyla split. Also a member of SAMTAZ went missing. Juice is losing it, so to keep him in line, Clay gives him a new patch – Son of Mayhem. There are lots of tears for many reasons. Bobby isn’t feeling the love though and decides enough is enough – he wants a new vote. To replace Clay. My mouth dropped at the insanity of it all. Before they get the vote they need everyone there. But Piney isn’t picking up -he’s loading a shot gun (uh oh). Juice isn’t picking up either. He’s busy… lynching himself so that he doesn’t have to betray the club further. And probably because he assumes that’s what they’d do to him anyway.

So now…. I crumble into a ball of anxiety waiting for the next episode.
And then there is the biggest question of all: was that the branch snapping (the bough breaking, as it were) as the reaper appeared on the screen? And if so was it already too late?

What did you guys think of the episode? I’m still recovering.

And congrats to Kurt Sutter and the entire  SOA cast and crew – they were renewed for Season 5! Though, FYI: Kurt found that out as they were starting to shoot the finale. So expect a lot of bloodshed.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter: @serrae