We are just a few hours from the premiere of Sons of Anarchy Season 5!! Who is excited? I know, why bother even asking. You all are! Or at least you should be!

Inside a little preview of what you can expect in tonight’s extended Season 5 premiere episode.

I had a chance to preview the first episode. That was a week ago. I’m still recovering. I may seek some therapy. I wonder if I can have my insurance bill Kurt Sutter? Hmmm… something to look into given that he causes he more emotional turmoil than almost any other showrunner. I love that crazy man.

Here are a few things you can expect from tonight’s episode:

– MAJOR TENSION. In general, obviously. But between the two generations of SAMCRO presidents and old ladies, especially. Jax (an increasingly perfect Charlie Hunnam) and Clay (Ron Perlman) have to adjust to sitting in different seats at the table and the repercussions of last year. Meanwhile, Tara (Maggie Siff) and Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) relationship, while never perfect, has reached new heights of antagonistic. But I have a feeling those two are going to need to work it out sooner rather than later.

– A NEW VP. At the end of last season a major change happened at the table – Jax became the new President of SAMCRO. But who will sit to his left in the VP seat? There are a lot of options, and the choice will be made (one I wholeheartedly approve of) in tonight’s ep.

-DEATH. Lots of death. And one of them…. well, remember that therapy I said I needed? It’s because of one of them. I actually had nightmares about it. I mean…. Good luck to you in watching.

-NEW FACES. Lots of them. And they are all interesting and I can’t wait to know more about each of them.

And here is a little bit of what I hope to see in the rest of season 5 of SoA. A few more laughs. Having seen episode 2, I know that is happening. I also want to explore the different relationships in the club. It started last year as they began to explore Chibs/Juice and Bobby/Jax a bit more. I hope that continues. I’m also really looking forward to seeing how Jax handles the position of power he sits in. He’s always questioned Clay and how he handled things – how will he be different? How will he be the same?

What are you excited for? And how ready are you for the season to start tonight??!

Be sure to watch Sons of Anarchy tonight on FX at 10pm.And set your DVRs accordingly – the episode is 90 minutes!

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