Season four of Sons of Anarchy has been on a slow burn, and yet every week the tension mounts to new levels. I’m expecting it all to hit the fan and Charming to implode. In other news: I think watching this show is starting to give me an ulcer.

Return of the Porn
At the start of the episode, Gemma goes to prison to visit with Otto who has requested a visit. This marks the first (and Kurt Sutter says probably the last) time real life husband and wife are on screen together. He tells Gemma a sheriff (actually, AUSA Potter, but he doesn’t know that) came and told him about Luann and Bobby’s DNA. He wants revenge for whoever killed his wife, if that’s Bobby, so be it. Later at the table, Jax and Clay tell the guys about it, but make it like they don’t know whose DNA was found in Luann.

Later tells Bobby they know, but are protecting him. Opie says Lyla can help them find Georgie Caruso (Tom Arnold) who we all know is the one who killed Luann. At Lyla’s work she tells the boys that Georgie is out of the porn business – now he’s into sex toys, so still keeping it classy at least, but her new boss Dondo may know where he is. Introducing, Dondo (David Hasselhoff. Really)! Dondo, upon hearing that Georgie killed Luann, wants the boys to take him out because Luann was his mentor who showed him he was more than just his big… well, you know. Let’s not focus on The Hoff’s parts more than we have to. He will get Georgie there. Meanwhile, Opie stayed in Lyla’s dressing room, not wanting to see her at work and finds that she has birth control pills as well as the morning after pill. Opie is not pleased. When Georgie shows up, he sees the boys and then his date, Ima (you may remember her as I do, the whore porn star that slept with Jax when he was in his “push Tara away” faze) pulls a gun on everyone, because she is always rational, and there a bit of a scuffle. It ends with Georgie tied up with a ball gag in his mouth and Opie keeping watch on Ima, who needs a hug. The guys find out from Georgie that the dolls are a very lucrative business deal and he has Japanese investors who have loads of money. So now instead of killing him, they are going to use him for his connections and try to take down Charming Heights by having the investors make promises to Hale and then pull out the last minute. Bobby goes to Otto and apologizes and tells him Georgie’s been taking care of. Oy. Opie then sleeps with Ima (!!!!) and when Jax comes in and sees this, he tells him about the pills he found and how it isn’t working with Lyla and he misses Donna. I get that, but come on, Op! Baaaad boy.

Those Darn Letters
After the roundtable meeting, Piney tells Clay he has letters from JT that indicate Clay killed him. Clay assumes Piney wants something- all he wants is to stop running drugs or else he’ll let the club read the letters. And if Clay tries to kill him he has a contingency. At this point I want to punch Piney in the face for totally screwing over Tara. Clay tells Gemma who is very worried Clay is going to do something dumb and kill Piney and/or Tara, because that is the way Clay is talking. She tells him to focus on getting the letters and just back down. I like that Gemma is worried about Tara, by the way. Granted, it’s more about keeping Jax happy, but still. Clay goes to Unser with a bike the guys fixed up for him and tells him to find the letters and bring them to him. Then Gemma shows up, she and Clay have an awkward “we aren’t here for the same reason” pretend moment and then she tells Unser to find the letters and give them to HER. Poor Unser, if the cancer doesn’t kill him, these two surely will. He goes to Tara’s and breaks into her office and find the copies she has there. He reads them and is horrified by it. When Unser sees Clay coming he tries to burn them, but not quick enough. Clay grabs then and Unser confronts Clay on the lies he has told over the past twenty years. Clay is, per usual, unsympathetic. They burn the copies but Clay still wants the originals. Then Gemma comes and Unser lets her believe that the burned ashes were the originals and it’s all over, which is what she tells Clay. As the line goes, “What we have here is a failure to communicate,” and that failure is leading to a whole lot of heartbreak. Meanwhile, Unser is now on Tara’s tail trying to find where those letters really are.

29 Bricks
SAMCRO and the Mayans meet up to deal with the 30 kilos of cocaine. The Mayans are there to make things go smoothly, but Jax and Clay aren’t liking have a dozen babysitters, so they tell Alvarez he can leave one guy. They tell Eric he is in charge, and leave him, Filthy Phil, the Mayan and another guy there to keep watch on the cocaine overnight. Juice gets a call from Roosevelt so they meet up. He wants info on the drugs, but Juice is smart enough to know a local sheriff is not high enough up the food chain to be after this, and he wants to know who is really pulling the strings. Roosevelt takes this to Potter, who isn’t ready to come out and reveal himself – maybe because he is a sheriff to Otto, a zoning guy to Gemma and just some dude on a bike to everyone else. He tells Roosevelt to tell Juice he wants a couple grams of the cocaine so they can test where it is from. This will also, apparently, put into perspective that helping them may not be as great a risk as letting the guys know he is black. (By the way – if you are questioning whether or not the guys finding this out would really be an issue, please read Sutter’s blog that explains it.) When Roosevelt tells Juice, he is unhappy, but doesn’t see much choice. He heads to the warehouse and has Phil let him in, saying he just wants to do a walk through. He gets out with one brick (that’s a kilo not a couple grams, dude) but the Mayan sees he was there. He runs into the woods and then accidentally falls asleep and when he wakes up he doesn’t have time to do anything except hide the brick under some brush. The guys unload the cocaine and find there are only 29 bricks, not the 30. Cue Juice with the “aw crap” face.

A few other things:
– Jax comes home and gives Tara a souvenir from Arizona: two stacks of cash. Huh, my husband never brings me that! It’s the first deposit in the “get out” fund.
– While I found Opie’s indiscretion to be awful, I was glad it led to him having a heart to heart with Jax. Although it’s a little scary to have Ima back in the mix.
– Roosevelt doesn’t want to be the black sheriff in a white town that uses color issues so Potter says he won’t have him on the record in this case, but apparently, that isn’t possible. The Potter/Roosevelt/Hale triangle is one I want to explore more, because even if they are all on the same side (anti-SAMCRO) they are all working against each other.

Like I said, we are on a slooow burn this season, and yet I can tell it is all heading towards something insane. If the season doesn’t end in some sort of massacre (either literally or figuratively) I’ll be surprised. How can it not at this point??

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae