Brooke Fraser is an award-winning singer-songwriter from New Zealand. Her genre is described as “folk-pop.” I think we need to spotlight her and suggest ever-so-subtly that some of our favorite TV shows might do well to include her music.

brooke fraser photo by Nirrimi Hakanson

She has three albums out, the most recent is called Flags. My favorite song on Flags is “Something in the Water.”

Chuck, NBC – This is exactly the kind of sentimental tone we need for those tender Chuck/Sarah times! (Especially the song “Who Are We Fooling” which is a co-written duet with Aqualung’s Matt Hales.)

Covert Affairs, USA Network – Her music would be perfect for reflective moments of Annie’s. And Annie? She’s reflective a lot!

The Big C, Showtime – There needs to be more uplifting moments in this series, no? Well, Fraser’s songs have a melancholy undercurrent at times, and that would suit Cathy just fine. (Song suggestion: “Shadowfeet“)

Gossip Girl, The CW – I suppose Vanessa is the most down-to-earth character, so I’d say play it for Vanessa. (Although, Vanessa is pretty annoying now that I think about it. Serena?) Fraser’s music might have more depth than the superficial show deserves, but that’s never stopped them before.

Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family – Oh man, these songs are all perfect for this show. Aria would have had “Without You” on repeat every time she thought of Ezra. Then again, this song could also be used to describe all of the girls relationships with Alison.

Bones, Fox – Angela would listen to this music for sure. But I also think they could use this music in any episode when they have those emotional moments at the end. (And let’s face it, every Bones episode has an emotional moment at the end!)

The Vampire Diaries, The CW – Anywhere, at any point. This is perfect for the series.Yes, I have a crush on TVD.

Weeds, Showtime – Yes. Yes. Yes. Nancy Botwin needs depth in her music. She’s a complicated woman.

Brooke Fraser Website

Buy: Brooke Fraser Flags mp3’s on Amazon

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