So You Think You Can Dance on FOX

So You Think You Can Dance on FOX

Two more dancers went home tonight on “So You Think You Can Dance” and unfortunately they were the last two dancers not to make the SYTYCD tour.

The safe couples tonight were Kayla/Kupono, Brandon/Janette and Randi/Evan and the Bottom 3 were Melissa/Ade, Phillip/Jeanine and Caitlin/Jason. If it were up to me, Randi and Evan would’ve landed in the Bottom 3 instead of Melissa and Ade. Melissa and Ade danced beautifully last night, they are one of the best two couples on the show (along with Brandon and Janette), and I don’t understand why they were in the Bottom 3.

However, their solos were magnificent and it’s no wonder they were safe. Jeanine was also safe, as it should be. That left Caitlin out and, frankly, I’m not surprised. Her first week Bollywood number was fantastic but she hasn’t done anything nearly that good since.

As for the guys, I think Phillip tried really hard with what he was given this week but he just isn’t as diverse as Jason is, so it was his time to go. I’m excited to get to see Jason dance with a new partner because I think he and Caitlin had the least amount of chemistry I think I’ve ever seen between two dancers.

It’ll be interesting to see who they pair Evan with in the coming weeks because he’s soooo short. He probably should be going home soon because he just isn’t the dancer the other male contestants are, but he’s popular with the voting audience.