Jeanine, a finalist on 'So You Think You Can Dance

Jeanine, a finalist on 'So You Think You Can Dance

The finale is set. Last night FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” sent home the last two dancers before the finals. I don’t necessarily agree with the American Public voting, but on shows like this I hardly ever do.

Ade and Melissa were the ones sent packing. Now, as far as the women go, my final two would’ve been Melissa and Janette (eliminated last week). I know Melissa isn’t a popular choice, but I think she was vastly underrated. Ballet is HARD and she also managed to adapt to whatever style was thrown at her. Jeanine is a good third choice, but I don’t love Kayla. She flails a lot.

For the boys, I think it’s a goddamn shame that Ade and Brandon aren’t the final two men. Evan just cannot keep up with them. They can dance his style, but he can’t really dance theirs. Not with the same level of technique or difficulty. But he’s cute and white so middle America loves him.

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