After an amazing night of performances, it is time to say goodbye to one more guy and one more girl. But to ease the pain of it all – Neil Patrick Harris is still suited up (albeit more casually) at the judges table and a new list of All-stars are revealed!

The group number was a Broadway routine and you could almost see the glow coming off Jess because he was dancing in his style. It wasn’t overly stand-out but the dancers seemed to like it, and that made it more fun to watch.

This week, there is only a bottom 4 – 2 guys and 2 girls. And for some reason, the judges are still choosing who goes home. Fun exchange to start things off:

NPH: I had an absolute blast last night, you sexy little minx.

Cat: I never thought Doogie Howser would ever say that to me. I had such a crush on you when I was a teenager.

NPH: Really??

Cat is living out my dreams on national TV…..

Before we get to the results, Cat announced the 8 (mostly) new all-stars for next week:

Ivan  Koumaev – Hip-Hop (S2 – Top 6)

Jaimie Goodwin – Contemporary (S3 – Top 10)

Anya Garnis – Ballroom (S3 – Top 12)

Pasha Kovalev – Ballroom (S3 – Top 6)

Lauren Gottleib – Contemporary/Jazz/Hip-Hop (S3 – Top 6)

Neil Haskell  – Contemporary (S3 – 3rd place)

Ade Obayomi – Contemporary (S5 – Top 6)

Lauren Froderman – Contemporary/Jazz (S7 – Winner)

As you can see, Season 3 was pretty kickass. And I’m so very excited to see Neil, Lauren Go and Lauren Fro on there. Now where in the heck is Kent Boyd!! I’m going to have to call Nigel….

Next week’s judges: Lady Gaga and director/choreographer Rob Marshall

Once again, the dancers were sent to Gatorade to test their athleticism, and not a surprise to anyone – the are athletes! No kidding! Really, it is just a fun way of reminding us the winner gets to be part of the Gatorade Fit campaign, like Twitch and Lauren Froderman.

Oh and Blush…. what the heck was that? I’m looking for explanations in the comments because I’m speechless. And why do they keep winking at the camera???

As I try to erase that from my mind, let’s move on to the results:

Bottom 2 boys:


Mitchell (who seemed anything but surprised)

Bottom 2 girls:



After the solos, I stuck by my original opinion of last night. Reason being that it is hard to forget what happened last night, and the only way Clarice and Mitchell were going to stick around would be to completely out dance Jordan and Ricky. They didn’t. Jordan was beautiful (PS I LOVED Jordan’s dad’s stoic face after her solo) and Ricky was strong and had such an amazing sense of musicality in his choreography. While Nigel said the results were unanimous the shot of the three judges hashing it out backstage was very animated. Though I suspect NPH was just playing it up a bit for the camera.

As I guessed last night, Clarice and Mitchell went home. Softening the blow: they’ll still be on tour.

Things are going to start getting really tough next week! I can’t wait!

(I miss you already, Neil Patrick Harris…..)

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on twitter: @serrae

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