Jeanine, a finalist on 'So You Think You Can Dance

Jeanine, a finalist on 'So You Think You Can Dance

Last night the Final Four faced off on FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” I’ve said all along that I thought Evan and Kayla really didn’t deserve to be in the Final Four and last night proved me exactly right. My Final Four was actually Ade, Brandon, Janette and Melissa. However, I’ll rescind my Melissa pick because Jeanine just KILLED IT last night.

Jeanine and Brandon both had AMAZING solos last night and their Paso Doble set to a song from The Matrix Revolution was just excellent. Neither Kayla nor Evan’s solos were nearly as good and they don’t deserve to win. Even Nigel said so. At the end he was asked who should win and he pretty much said Brandon or Jeanine. If you ask me, it should be Brandon no contest, but I’d take a Jeanine win after last night.

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The new season starts this fall, I’m so excited!

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