It’s that time of year: the 2011 Emmy nominations are here. As usual, SYTYCD dominated the choreography category. But this year, there was one category that FINALLY got some SYTYCD love…..

So You Think You Can Dance Emmy Nominations 2011

Before we get to the dances, I need to do a huge, full o’ love shout out to the gorgeous, Cat Deeley. She is hands down, my favorite host. She manages to both be supportive of the judges and the dancers without seeming condescending towards either. During audition rounds she shows respect to the crazies. And she is obviously well loved by every dancer – she has maintained a friendship with almost every dancer that has graced the stage in the Top 20. Oh, and she looks fan-flippin-tastic every single week. So well deserved. Be sure to give Jesse Tyler Ferguson a big hug for making it happen for you last night.

Now, on to the choreographers. This year they nominated based on a body of work, rather than one specific dance, which is not surprising given the level of so many of the dances last summer. So all of you can decide, I wanted to provide links to all of the nominated routines- I starred my favorite from each nominee.

(Technically, there is one non-SYTYCD nomination. Mark Ballas for DWTS. I think he is great, I do. But the routines on DWTS do not hold a candle to the ones on SYTYCD, even if you only compare Ballroom to Ballroom. If Mark wins, I call shenanigans

Mia Michaels:

**Alice in Mia-Land (Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic)

Allison Holker, The Top 6 Season 7 guys & All-Star guys

When We Dance

Top 8 Group Performance & All-Stars

The Bitter Earth

Billy Bell, Alex Wong and Ade Obayomi

I LOVED the Alice routine. I think it was very Mia Michaels. Plus I adored that she was not afraid to make Allison the star of the guys group routine. It was creative, used the music appropriately and accentuated the strength of each performer. Tho the other two routines were classic “moving Mia Michaels,” and I loved them. But sometimes you just need some wacky Mia, you know? Plus I’m a sucker for anything with Allison.

Stacey Tookey

**Mad World

Billy Bell & Ade Obayomi

Sundrenched World

Kent Boyd & Allison Holker

Heaven is a Place on Earth (sorry, could only find tour video of this one)

Robert Roldan & Kathryn McCormick

This was a hard one, as I do love all three, but the story of Mad World was just so haunting and Stacey managed to get such heart-wrenching performances out of both Billy and Ade. They are different kinds of dancers and yet she utilized them each perfectly creating a wonderful balance. But the other two are gorgeous, and the rehearsal footage of Kent & Allison always makes me giggle. Kent is my favorite ever and I love him in a totally non-creepy way.

Travis Wall


Kent Boyd & Lauren Froderman

How It Ends

Kent Boyd & Neil Haskell

**Fix You

Robert Roldan & Allison Holker

I picked Fix You because I can’t hear this song without picturing every moment of this dance in my head. However, all 3 are pure genius and are in my top 5 of last season. And they rank Top 10 for all seasons, honestly. Collide was pure magic and showed how wonderful Kent and Lauren were together and apart. How it Ends was just one of several Kent/Neil routines that were amazing. Those two boys are meant to dance side by side. But Fix You…. well, it broke my heart and you just can’t compete with that.

Tabitha & Naopleon D’umo

Scars (Sad Clown)

Robert Roldan & Dominic Sandoval


Adechike Torbert & Comfort Fedoke

**Outta Your Mind

Alex Wong & Stephen “Twitch” Boss

Is there even a contest here? Listen, Scars and Fallin are both great routines and well performed, but Outta Your Mind wasn’t just a great routine it was a game changing routine. If Alex hadn’t been hurt the next week, he would have rode that routine right into the final four. In fact it was such a universally adored routine it alone is causing people to demand Alex be an All-Star this season. One of my top routines ever on the show. While most of my favorite routines make me cry, this one just makes me smile from ear to ear and reminds you that dance can be FUN.

Mandy Moore

Oh Yeah

Lauren Froderman & Ade Obayomi

**Boogie Shoes

Lauren Froderman & Billy Bell

I Surrender

Neil Haskell & Charlie Bruce (Winner of SYTYCD UK)

I adore Mandy Moore, but this, for me, is the weakest group of the bunch. The Neil/Charlie routine is gorgeous. And Oh Yeah is sexy and well performed. I just loved Boogie Shoes though. It was cute and fun and Lauren and Billy genuinely love each other (just read their tweets back and forth – adorable!). Their friends forever-esque chemistry came out in this routine. So, it’s my pick. Plus I want those bedazzled Chuck Taylors.

My choice to win, come September? As if you need to ask…. Travis friggin Wall, of course. I will say, NappyTabs are a strong second for Outta My Mind. But I just can’t get over how amazing Travis has been and he has only been doing this professionally a few years. We are in season 8 and his first routine for the show was in Season 5. Each one of his are a winner, and he earned this Emmy nomination and he has more than earned to take home that golden statue.

Now the real question…. which dances from this year will we be talking about NEXT summer?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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