After the high of last week’s non-elimination on SYTYCD 2011 we need to deal with the aftermath – 4 dancers are going home tonight. Just one of the bottom 3 couples will remain safe. Brutal.

But before we get to the crying, time for a group number! This is one of my favorite groups numbers in awhile. I always like them – big groups are fun – but this one seemed very well timed and made a lot of use of the slow movements, something which is harder to pull off in the large group. It was choreographer Dave Scott’s nod to The Thomas Crown Affair (The Pierce Brosnan version, not Steve McQueen). Specifically the climactic scene at the end with all the men in the bowler hats meant to look like the Rene Magritte painting, “The Son of Man.” I always wondered what the guy in the painting was wearing under that jacket…. apparently it was plaid Bermuda shorts. Unexpected. (By the way, I’m currently writing an art philosophy paper about the creative theories behind Rene Magritte’s paintings, so tonight’s dance, while incredibly well performed, did nothing to reduce my current stress level. Thanks a lot, Dave.)

Next there was Gatorade, Gatorade, (Lauren!), Gatorade…..

Alright let’s just get to the sad stuff.

Bottom 3 Couples:

Missy & Wadi
Iveta & Nick
Ryan & Ricky

Once again, I’m 2 for 3, but for the life of me I can’t understand how Ryan & Ricky wound up here. I thought the routine was a lot of fun, well performed, and as far as I can tell the couple seems well liked by the audience. I’m stumped.

While the 3 pairs prepare for their solos, some baby dancers (ages 8-18) called Rage Crew perform. They are adorable, but I’m a little disturbed by how some of the 8 year old girls are dressed. I’m getting old…. Just as always, this group is a fantastic example of what hip-hop crews can do, even at a young age.

Ok, so the solos….  I realize this must have been a torturous decision for the judges and I think no matter what they did I would have been upset in some way. Based on solos I knew Missy would go. 2 solos later I already had forgotten she danced. Not a good sign. She’s great, but didn’t stick out. Ryan did a nice job, but Iveta was the one girl that was not Contemporary/Jazz, and I think it is sad to  lose that. Very torn between those two. For the guys, I was rooting for Wadi, but based on solos he did the least with it tonight. I’m truly disappointed about it because I wanted Wadi to be the new Twitch. Ricky did a wonderful job with his routine, and so did Nick. And like Iveta, Nick has something different to offer. Again, I was really torn…

In the end, the four that went home were: Missy, Iveta, Nick and Wadi. Very sad. Lots of tears all around.

I bet you could use some cheering up right about now. Apparently Nigel thought so as well and decided to blab up and down the press line who the guest judge is next week…. the adorable, talented, sweet and tiny Kristin Chenoweth. That takes a little bit of the hurt away, doesn’t it? I hope so!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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