It is getting crazy now on SYTYCD 2011. Every dancer has proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, so now nothing less than perfection is required.

Judges: Nigel Lythoe, Mary Murphy, Director/Choreographer (and genius!) Rob Marshall and the one and only Lady Gaga looking very Lady Gaga-esque.

This week, each dancer performs twice. Once with an allstar and once with one of the other dancers (Although not necessarily one of the opposite sex….)

Brief note: Last week, they said that Jamie Goodwin was going to be an allstar. Not sure what happened, but she isn’t here and  Allison Holker is back for another week in her place. I’m good with that. Hope Jamie is okay though!

Sasha & Pasha (teehee! They rhyme!)

Choreographer: Jonathan Roberts

Style: Quickstep

Uh oh. The notorious quickstep. As far as quicksteps go, this one was pretty good. It was entertaining enough and the judges seemed to compliment Sasaha on her form and technicality. As always, they also enjoyed her personality, and you can never fault Sasha in that area. She really does have a presence on stage. The thing is, will anyone remember this after the first commercial break? I don’t know. There was no real story and nothing to take away from it. Except that crazy headband Sasha was wearing. That’s memorable.

Caitlynn & Ivan

Choreographer: Marty Kudelka

Style: Hip-Hop

FYI: Marty is Justin Timberlake’s choreographer. So this routine has that going for it. Also non-routine related: Ivan still looks 12. How is this possible? And he was fantastic (just ask Mary who talked more about him than Caitlynn in her critique). Anyway, I really enjoyed the routine. They both hit every move with the right amount of strength. I understood the story with very little background. But I undestood where the judges were coming from when they said that Caitlynn needed to loosen up a little bit, but overall I really liked her in this. She seemed to have more fun than she usually does, which made a big difference.

Jordan & Ade

Choreographer: Tyce D’Orio

Style: Pop Jazz

If Jordan is good at anything it is being sexy on stage and she proves it in this routine. I thought she was really great in this one, she had no fear not only in playing the part but in just throwing herself into every move. Speaking of, so excited to see Ade again – he’s such a wonderful partner! I want to go and watch old Melissa/Ade routines now! But really, it was about Jordan. Her legs were INSANITY. (Also slightly insane: Lady Gaga talking about cutting off dolls heads and her “fashion catheter” shoes so she didn’t have to leave to pee.) In previous weeks I’ve started to move away from Jordan, but in the past two weeks, she has worked her way back up towards the top for me. She has proven not to be just a booty shaker but a real talent.

Melanie & Neil

Choreographer: Mandy Moore

Style: Contemporary

I was praying to the dance gods that Melanie would get Neil. Hurray!! And he’s shirtless! (I’m shallow.) And while this is about Mel, how awesome was Neil?? Sigh…. Okay, so the routine. AMAZING!!! Standing O!!! Honestly, I’d give a standing O just for the running leap Melanie did. And I was so happy that Lady Gaga said she would hire her in a second. The musicality of the routine was flawless and they are both such intense dancers that there is very little more I can say than YAY!! It’s just perfect. And to top it off – Melanie left the stage by doing the leap AGAIN with Neil waiting to catch her. Sigh…. Honestly, she overwhelms me. Let’s just move on.

Ricky & Anya

Choreographer: Jason Gilkison

Style: Jive

Before we get to the dance…. why are we listening to the Celine Dion version of River Deep, Mountain High? Why not Tina Turner? Heck, I’d take the Mercedes/Santana version from Glee. Anyway – on to the routine. Ricky did a pretty good job. Here’s why I say pretty good: I occasionally stopped looking at Anya to see what he was doing. But mostly, I was watching her. Not surprising since Anya is mesmerizing. Looking away from her is a big deal. And while the routine itself was a lot of fun, it was made by two moves: one was when Anya flipped Ricky over her head (awesome!) and the final move where he stops Anya from dropping on her face by this much (ridiculous)! As far as ballroom routines go so far, I think this one was more interesting and memorable than Sasha’s.

Jess & Lauren G

Choreographer: NappyTabs

Style: Hip Hop

First – hurray that Lauren G and her fab booty are back on my TV! HA! Of course, I watch Glee, so she is actually on my TV quite often as she is one of the lead dancers in Vocal Adrenaline, but that’s another story. About Jess… he did a pretty darn decent job. As Mary says, Jess has shown progress every week. I still don’t always get him, but I can appreciate the fact that he has improved. He didn’t get in the way of himself as much as he has in the past, and he even managed to get a little swag going. And, now I have to give props because Rob Marshall remembers seeing him years ago on Broadway. So good for Jess.

Tadd & Lauren F

Choreographer: Mandy Moore

Style: Jazz

This routine screamed Mandy Moore. It was styled well and had that sort of sass that so many of her jazz routines have. I have to give props to Tadd for not even flinching when he lost his hat about ½ way through the routine. It did take away from the dance a little bit though. He did a really good job. But Nigel AGAIN did the “you are a b-boy who didn’t get choreography before” speech. ENOUGH already, Nigel. We are top 8, not top 18. Let it go. But once I get past Nigel’s coddling of all b-boys, Tadd had a solid routine here and he looked great dancing with not only an allstar but with last season’s winner.

Marko  & Allison

Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh

Style: Contemporary

When I heard on Twitter that Allison was back this week, that was who I wanted Marko to dance with. Once again, I win! And we are rewarded for getting what I want because that was another amazing routine. The message was powerful (the world needs a major lesson in tolerance!) and it was danced to perfection. Once again, Gaga was moved to tears. As were both Allison and Marko. They moved together – not just in the physical movements but the emotional one as well. It’s routines like this that are the reason I love this show so much.  If there is a way that Melanie and Marko could both win, that would be fabulous.

Caitlynn & Tadd

Choreographer: Jonathan Roberts

Style: Foxtrot

I’m going to be honest, I was easily distracted during this one. That being said, what I did pay attention to was really nicely done. Both looked like they were in an old movie. They weren’t Fred and Ginger, but they were the couple hired to dance next to Fred and Ginger, if that makes sense. Which, when it comes down to it, is still pretty good. Overall, it was a lovely foxtrot, but once again, will we remember it later? Oh and I agree with Gaga – the flower in Caitlynn’s hair was fab.

Marko & Ricky

Choreographer: NappyTabs

Style: Hip-Hop

First let me just say that the hip-hop routines on this show have worked much better since NappyTabs hit the scene. For some reason they are able to use contemporary dancers to the best of their ability in this genre than some previous hip-hop choreographers have been able to. I think that Marko and Ricky both had the right amount of “nastiness and swag” to quote the judges. On occasion they weren’t quite in sync, and yes I obviously do have an issue with that as I bring it up every time. But it bothers me. We all have our issues. And why does Gaga hate NappyTabs?? Just curious. Oh! And how freaking awesome is Cat for singing the Mario Bros theme as Marko and Ricky walked over to her?

Jordan & Jess

Choreographer: Jason Gilkison

Style: Rumba

I didn’t love this one. I felt that Jordan overwhelmed Jess in multiple ways. First she seems a million times bigger than him even though when they stood for the judges critiques you saw that Jess is actually a smidge taller! She was also too sexy for him. Instead of matching the sexy, he just seemed almost shocked by her. Shocked may not be the right word, but it’s all I can come up with. They danced it technically pretty well, but I think they never connected. And props to Rob Marshall for giving a shout out to Broadway! It is great, Rob!

Melanie & Sasha

Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh

Style: Jazz

What a very Sonya routine!!! The hair. The crab walk. The green lighting. Loved it. (And so did Twitch! Love he is there tonight…) And Gaga loved it so much she threw one of her big crazy shoes at the stage and also managed to work in a Born This Way reference. I love any week that Sonya gets love for her choreo – she is so intense looking, but you can tell she is a big softy when it comes to putting her art out there. But on to the ladies. I don’t have words. They were so very very powerful. And what I loved about it was that it proved that the ladies can be strong when dancing together too. It is always the guys who come off better with the same sex routines, but man those two showed that the girls can also be bad ass!

What did everyone think of the guest judges? Loved Rob. Gaga was actually pretty good with her critiques too. Though, she hates NappyTabs….

Oh dear… the bottom. Goodness. I honestly have no idea. I’d say the only people that are safe are Melanie, Marko and Sasha at this point. Tadd got a lot of “you’ll be in the finals” tonight, but I literally almost forgot about him just now, so that can’t be a good thing! I’d say Jess and Ricky though, just because Ricky seems to be there every week. And Jess’s Rumba was not good. The girl will probably be Caitlynn. It’s getting tough!!

Tomorrow: Gaga performs! Which probably means we will get to see Mark!! YAY!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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