With two more dancers gone after tonight, it appears it can be anyone’s game to make it into the finale. But will the right ones (*cough* Melanie & Marko *cough*) make it there?

First, as always, is the group number and tonight was one of my favorites in a very very long time. Tyce DiOrio out did himself this week with a old fashion circus meets Cirque Du Soleil contemporary routine. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, please watch!

The first guest performance was The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers or LXD. They are regulars here on SYTYCD, so you are all probably familiar with them (they even performed at the Oscars) but in case you are not familiar with their work, Check out their YouTube channel and find them on Hulu.. I’m constant in awe of these kids. The group changes with a fair amount of regularity- this week SYTYCD choreographer, Christopher Scott, was one of the dancers.

The second number was last night’s judge, Lady Gaga. Normally, I wouldn’t really comment on this part of the show, however, Lady Gaga’s lead male dancer on her tour is Mark Kanemura from SYTYCD S4. And I just thought it was awesome to see him back on the SYTYCD stage front and center with one of the biggest acts around right now. So proud of wacky little Mark. Bleeding Love forever!!

Ok, on to the results….

The bottom 2 girls (and probably not a surprise to anyone who was paying attention Wednesday night):

Jordan & Caitlynn

The bottom 2 boys:

Jess & Tadd

(Everyone seemed very surprised to see Tadd there, but I wasn’t.)

The Solos:

First of all, Jordan danced to S&M. Wow. Be more obvious Jordan. Ha. And shockingly there were lots of leg extensions. But it was sort of a lackluster solo. Caitlynn’s solo was good, probably better for me than Jordan’s, but still not as much as it should have been at this stage. Jess’s was energetic – he did a pirouette for about ⅓ of the time. But it was good. However, Tadd won amongst the four of them, hands down. He was hanging off the scaffolding on the side of the stage and then did an Aeriel off the stage and instead of standing with Cat for a second just lapped the studio and then ran backstage. Sorry Jess. Tadd won.

So the two going home: Jordan & Jess. People were VERY upset that Jordan went home, but Nigel explained that they went with America’s vote. So, really nothing to complain about too much. And as for Tadd/Jess, you couldn’t argue with the choice after the solos.

Moving on to next week:

The Allstars (announced later on Twitter):

Jamie Goodwin – contemporary (S3 – Top 10)

Pasha Kovalev – ballroom (S3 – Top 6)

Stephen “Twitch” Boss – Hip-Hop (S4 – Runner up)

Janette Manrara – Salsa (S5 – Top 8)

Ellenore Scott – Jazz (S6 – Top 4)

Kent Boyd – Contemporary/Jazz (S7 – Runner up)

So no big deal, right? Just kidding…. KENT BOYD!!! Sigh, I love that kid too much.

And the guest judge, at least according to her Twitter account about a week ago: Christina Applegate. She’s adorable, so I’m hoping she has fun with it.

What did you think of the elimination? Disappointed? Happy? Or like me, basically okay with whatever happens at this point as long as Melanie and Marko make the final?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter: @serrae

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