Tonight on SYTYCD the Top 4 dancers are chosen (by America, not the judges) as we get ready for the finale next week. Also, two of my all-time favorites come back and dance a Travis Wall routine! It’s going to be an exciting hour!

But, before we get started, a note about last night. You may have noticed I did not post a recap. If you live within a 5 block radius of me you will have heard the cries of horror as I realized around 9pm (half-way through the show) that my DVR decided to have a minor meltdown and not allow me to watch the recording. I eventually saw all of the routines/solos today, as well as a lot of the judging, but by the time I did, it was only a few hours away from tonight’s elimination episode on the east coast. So, I just skipped the recap.So sorry! But I will say that the Kent/Sasha number was amazing. That little boy from Wapakoneta is all grown up. Also, I loved Melanie’s solo and her “I just made it up” answer about it was too cute. If I didn’t love her I’d have to hate her for being perfect. And when it was all done, I had a pretty clear idea about which 4 dancers we would be watching next week in the finale, and I bet you did too.

Anyway….. let’s get to tonight’s show and see if I am right! The opening routine from Justin Giles was very pretty. Not particularly memorable over all, except for the really big flower on the stage which I actually paid more attention to than the dancers half the time. Huh.

Basically, the way they are handling the elimination tonight isjust going one by one and saying In or out over the course of the show. Reason being if they say who the bottom 4 are, we will know which guy and which girl have the top votes. Just to fill time the dancers all do one last solo. Sasha killed hers. I’m not always a huge fan, but hers was sick. Caitlynn did a lovely job, but seemed less-so compared to Sasha right before her. And then came Melanie whose 30 seconds were so moving I almost started crying (yes, I’m aware of my issues). Tadd’s solo was so all over the place the cameraman could barely keep up with him. The kid is an amazing b-boy, that is for sure. Marko’s solo was sort of ho-hum for me until the tricks towards the end. But I still love him. Ricky’s was one of his better solos. His control was impressive as were his tricks. As for who won –  girls vs boys – I think judges reactions said it all: Standing O for each girl, sitting claps for each boy.

Ok, on to the first guest. If you read my blog post about the Emmy nominated dances you know I have an obsession with Travis Wall routines. So when I heard that the number Kent and Lauren were going to do was Collide (or the Prom Dance) from last season I freaked out a bit. It may be one of the sweetest performances on the show ever. And it could never have been done by any other couple. And before they danced, Cat had about a 90 second intro and you could see them just standing together and swaying on stage. Again: Sweetest. Dance. Ever. And somehow it was even better and stronger than last year. Love love love it. I will watch it at least 5 more times tonight. (And before you ask, since so many people on Twitter seem to be wondering – no they are not together. She is dating Dom from season 3)

Later, The Badboys of Dance performed and goodness, they were pretty without shirts and in tight pants. Oh hey- there is a girl! (She’s fully clothed, btw) Also, they danced pretty darn good too. Seriously though, it was a very entertaining guest performance and I found some of their moves and musicality to be incredibly interesting and different than some of the stuff we see week to week on here, so it was a nice change of pace. And they were hot.

Not surprisingly, if only for suspense sake, Melanie and Marko were the first two kicked off the stage into the “safe zone” because I don’t think there was any question about those two. Then Sasha was told she was safe too, and we said goodbye to Caitlynn. Before they let Tadd and Ricky know their fate, we had to/got to sit through some Pia Toscano. Somewhere Randy Jackson laments over her song choice. (Honestly, I do enjoy her… but more filler? Really?) Then, in another non-surprise, we said goodbye to Ricky.

So, congrats to Melanie, Sasha, Marko and Tadd. I can’t wait to see what the four of you bring next week. And goodbye to Ricky and Caitlynn, who I’m sure we will be seeing in the background of Vocal Adrenaline soon. (Where are good SYTYCD alum seem to end up!)

Finale Allstars (They’ve all been on this season in some form, but one, so I’ll skip the full info on some):
Lauren Froderman
Robert Roldan
Mark Kanemura
Joshua Allen – Crump (Season 4 winner)

Finale Guest Judges: Director/Choreographer: Kenny Ortega (expect several Gilmore Girls shout outs from me next week…) and Actress/Tom Cruise’s Wife: Katie Holmes. (expect several Dawson’s Creek shout outs from me next week…)

Let me know who you think will win. Did your favorites make it to the finale? You already know my answer, as my favorite was set Audition Day 1, dance #2.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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