Wednesday’s performance show on So You Think You Can Dance 2011 was a mixed bag. A group of mostly new choreographers brought a freshness to many of the routines, but some still fell flat. Did American agree with the judges on who did not perform well?

The opening Bollywood routine was gorgeous, in no small part to the vibrant costumes. Like last night, Marko stood out amongst the guys. It was one of the better full group routines. I think Bollywood is a style that works better with the big group, I wish they would do that one more often.

Travis is back on the judges panel again, but Carmen Electra is not – I’m sure she had very important business to attend to. (I don’t know… But now I’m just trying to think of what that would be.)

The elimination process almost became a bit scary when Melanie & Marko and Caitlynn & Mitchell – the top two couple from the performance show – were brought out first. One of them is in the bottom???? Just kidding. They are both safe. You are evil, Cat Deeley. Evil.

So the Bottom 3 couples are:

Ashley & Chris

Jordan & Tadd

Ryan & Ricky

Not sure what happened with Ryan & Ricky. I really thought I was going to get 3 for 3 with my predictions this week! Sasha and Alexander may not have deserved to go home (depending on their solos) but they deserved to be in the bottom 3, in my opinion. They did not connect with the choreography, the music or each other last night. Ryan and Ricky did. But what’s done is done – so moving on to the solos. If I’m picking winners, Ryan and Ricky were hands down my favorites. I was entranced with both of them.

Last week, I did not think the judges made the right decision, but this week you will not find arguments from me. Ashley and Chris did the weakest both in their solos and their duet the night before. They seem like lovely people, and are both talented, but even if you take in to account every week prior, they just didn’t hold up to Ryan & Ricky or Jordan & Tadd. It also didn’t seem to come as much of a shock to the audience who didn’t do the “WHAT?” reaction or boo loudly at the decision as they often do.

So, goodbye Ashley & Chris.

Did you agree with the judges? Also was it just me or did Nigel go into the Dirty Old Man place there at the end? (We get it, they’re pretty.) What styles are you hoping to see next week? Two pieces will be from Travis, so I’m happy!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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