Have you heard of celebrity box sets? They’re kind of a “duh” invention that should have been around for much longer, when you think about it.

angelina jolie movies

The Angelina Jolie Celebrity Pack by Fox Home Entertaiment

Fox Connect is having a special flash sale theyr’e letting Small Screen Scoop readers about. You’ll get free shipping, which is great. To redeem this coupon, customers can enter coupon code STAR at checkout.

Visit: http://www.foxconnect.com/

Here’s what is available right now:

  • Best Actor Collection (For long, sometimes boring movies that are classics.)
  • Best Actress Collection (For serious bonding nights with your best gal pals.)
  • Clark Gable Collection
  • Angelina Jolie Collection (One Blockbuster, two that are like, what?)
  • George Clooney Collectin
  • Jennifer Aniston Collection (Strictly 90’s)
  • Michael Douglas Collection (Probably the best purchase, with ten movies for about $30.)
  • Paul Newman Collection (He’s more than the salad dressing, apparently.)
  • Sandra Bullock Collection (Again with the 90’s movies, but all three are really fun.)

They range in (original) price from about $20-50.

The offered selction seems to be picked in an odd way. You have two classic actors from the past, two more current male leads, then three current female leads. Plus the two classics collections which are easier to understand. Why was Clooney picked but not Tom Cruise? Why Jennifer Aniston but not Michelle Pfeiffer or Cher? Are these the top ranked people in Fox movies?

They’re wise purchases for uber fans, uber fans who want to convince their friends/family to convert into uber fans, and as gifts for older family members who don’t use Netflix.