snookie makeover

Just like Susan Boyle, if someone wants to be famous in this country for more than 15 minutes, the media at large are going to try and fix their image. Which is fine with me, to a point. Lots of people wear the wrong bra or routinely get horrible haircuts. But what is a Snookie without her poof? They really snooked this up bad. What in the name of snookness were they thinking?

First celebrity hairstylist Francky L’Official brushes out Snooki’s sky-high poof. Next makeup artist Victoria Pastoriza replaces Snooki’s heavy bronzer and dark eyeliner with much lighter neutrals…and “US Weekly’s” fashion director Sasha Charnin Morrison strips off “The Jersey Shore” and puts Snooki in couture.

She looks super sleek in a gray and black dress with shoe boots and a low ponytail. Then it’s party time with a white sequined Alice + Olivia shift dress. And the Jersey girl went Grecian glam with soft gorgeous waves and a stunning gold and black Marchesa dress. Sassy Snooki is almost unrecognizable in a tailored black pant suit.

snookiemakeoversnookie inside edition

Second picture makes me cringe. There was an old Grandma hiding inside of Snookie the entire time. Tyra Banks would have TOLD her how posing like that makes you look even shorter. But Tyra had some big show today about a woman with two vagina’s. …I know, it’s been a busy day.

The last picture reminds me of K Kardashian. I cannot remember which K name it is, but they’re all interchangeable anyway. Big boobs, pouty face, blah blah blah.