Tonight,  Snooki came from The Jersey Shore to be interviewed by Jay Leno. And Leno actually treats her with a lot of respect, probably because she’s one of the only people around who can still respect him. Read on to see what juicehead’s she’d like to score. Seriously, don’t pretend you’re not a little interested in what she said during her interview! I’m mortified that I was, but I’m admitting it and that’s the first step to something… (yikes)

The Jersey Shore

Snooki explained how she got her nickname – it’s from Save the Last Dance. I’ve seen that movie a million times and never realized that.

“I’m an only child so I’m always spoiled…” she admitted early on in the interview. How spoiled is she? “My Dad bought me a snow mobile, a four wheeler and my first car.”

Chris Rock was also a guest, and she asked him if he fist pumped. (No.) Snookie went on to demonstrate the act of fist pumping. This is crucial stuff, man. She asked him if he lived under a rock, and I don’t think she got the irony.

“I was your typical troubled child…at fifteen they had to lock the liquor cabinet.”

Snookie is still looking for love from a “typical juicehead guido.” She would like to meet Adam Sandler and Vin Diesel, although only the latter seems her type. But she said she’d make an exception for Sandler. “I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt,” Snooki said. Sandler, I hope you don’t feel violated.

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