Using science, we now know who is the most VIP when it comes to the cast of the Jersey Shore. How do we do that? Keep reading.

Using a PeekScore (What is PeekScore? PeekScore is a rank from 1 to 10, assigned to every person. The higher someone’s score, the “more important” they are on the web.) we are able to see exactly who is the most popular JS cast member as reflected by the internet. And, let’s face it, for these reality stars, your internet popularity says a lot about your general popularity.

When I think about the Jersey Shore I think about Snooki and The Situation. The first time I ever saw an interview to promote the show it was these two sitting with Jay Leno. And I still believe these are two of the wildest characters on the show. For me, personally, I groan at the idea of both Ronnie and Sammi. I hold various degrees of respect for JWoww, Pauly D and Vinny. And Deena and ex-cast member Angelina are kind of just…there. So, how do my thoughts line up with the actual scores? I’m kind of on target.

The most popular Jersey Shore mate according to PeekScores is DJ Pauly D. This is followed by Snooki, Jwoww, The Situation, Vinny, Ronnie, Sammi, Angelina and Deena.

What do you think of that? Pauly is the most popular with his blow out, and this is followed by Snooks and Jenni. I’m a bit surprised that Jenni beat out Mike, but I’m glad that she did. Just because you have a funny nickname doesn’t mean people will love you, Sitch. Just don’t get upset and slam your head into a wall again, mmkay?