Snooki isn’t a poet, but she’s got adorable ways of phrasing things. Her current thing? Adding”I feel” to the ends of her sentences.

“Everyone just wants to see us go crazy,” Snooki explained to Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. Fallon is a huge fan of Jersey Shore, and even said point blank to her, “I miss you.” Did we all miss Snooki? Seems like it, considering the huge amount of viewers (9 million) who tuned into the Jersey Shore season 4 premiere.

Snooki Quotes!

On Italy: “Italy was different. It’s a whole ‘nother country..”

On her car accident in Italy: “That sucked, it was horrible.”

On Italian guys:  “They were like skinny twigs, walking around.”

On JWoww: “JWoww’s awesome. Her boobs are nice and perky.”

On Mike: “We’re just really good friends and he took my friendship as the wrong way.” And – “He got a little creepy.”

On hitting a cop car in Italy: “Who does that?”

On Michelangeo’s David: “That’s the only juicehead we saw in Italy!”

On Jersey: “Our homeland of guidos.”

View the video of Snooki talking about Italy, Snooki wrestling, The Situation, her book (“A Shore Thing”), and her infamous Snooki slippers.

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