If you aren’t watching MTV’s Snooki and JWOWW, you aren’t missing much.

There was a time when I was skeptical about the entire Jersey Shore (Sidenote:” Jersey Whore” is a really easy typo to make, that’s unfortunate…) phenomenon. I mean, I like NPR! I couldn’t… like that show! And even though I have my fair share of judgement for the things we see done on the MTV series, I’ve enjoyed watching the seasons.

Then came The Pauly D  Project reality series, which I watched a few episodes of but ultimately felt wasn’t working. Pauly D wasn’t dramatic and fun, and I cared even less about his DJ “career” than I did for his posse of friends. The show felt exploitative and boring, and that just doesn’t work.

Now, we have Snooki and JWOWW (the show) which is another reality series. Presumably, it would have been a lot more fun if Snooki hadn’t started the show off by being engaged and pregnant. That eliminated all the things that we love Snooki for doing (snookin’ for love, drinking, dancing, falling down, being silly and irresponsible…) Now she’s tame, and JWOWW has also become a much tamer version of who she was on Jersey Shore season 1. So, we have two girls who … instead of feeling dramatic and fun and interesting… instead seem kind of sad, lifeless and shackled down by the realities we don’t want to admit are there. (Oddly though, they try to deny certain realities in hopes that it’ll entertain viewers… Such as worrying about money as if any of us don’t realize how many thousands of dollars they have already been paid for single episode of their prime time partying.)

I had been hopeful that my nonsensical favs from Jersey Shore would still make the show great, and that’d I’d be calling for them to expand the show to a full hour. But the girls and their respective boyfriends really have been even managed to carry a half hour show.

They might still be as orange as ever, and swaddled in layer upon layer of products in leopard prints… but the thrill is gone. MTV execs will hopefully realize that it’s in the larger group dynamics, where conflict lives, that their reality shows thrive. Otherwise, you just have a couple of tacky girls in boring, monogamous relationships. And who wants to watch that?

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