Okay you sexy people, it’s time to talk about SNL with Vince Vaughn. I don’t even know the musical guest (guess I’m not hip), but who cares!

the internship movie

“The Internship”


Audience members Paige, Eric and Adrian were all singled out. It was audience-centric and great. Was it scripted? Who knows. What I do know is that it’s the first time I’ve thought Vince Vaughn was talented.

“Turn on your heartlights.” – Vince Vaughn

“Give him a Drunk Uncle on the way out.” – Vince Vaughn


Al Pacino (Bill Hader) + HBO original series skit (I saw Pippi Longstocking! And Dr. Conrad Murray) Awkward blackface moment.

Vince Vaughn is promoting his movie with Owen Wilson, called “The Internship.”

Weather skit

“Oh No, A Torna—” It was a Weather Channel Soap Opera called “Story Skies.” “Moving south, we’re ooking at a good 8 to 10 inches.” “I can’t believe you’re sleeping with Tropical bitch Maria!”

The History of Punk

About punk rockers. Fred Armisen (here as an Ian Robbish of The Bizarro’s) is great with musical sketches. I love Portlandia, btw. Don’t you? Anyway… there was a Margaret Thatcher theme here, because the punk rocker, played by Fred, loved her. They did some recreations of old interviews, which was cool. Johnny Rotten, U2, and Mick Jagger = The Bizarros


Tommy Lee commercial that’s like The Matrix. Crazy!

The Big Wedding movie promo. This looks like a fun, carefree comedy. It has Robin Williams, Diane Keaton, Topher Grace, Katherine Heigl and Amanda Seyfried.

Short Term Memory Loss Theater

Bill Hader tookt he lead, and he reminded me of Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson.) Anyone else? Well, what was most fun is that Bill Hader started laughing. In fact, he kept almost breaking. I loved it.

Miguel performed a song called “Adorn.”

Some people are comparing him to Prince.

Twitter comments via Sidecastr:

@matzamafia: (0:09:30) This “Miguel” guy is a comedy sketch too, right? This is like bad, garbled elevator music. #SNL

@frank_talamo: (0:09:53) I actually really dig it when singers think it’s the 80’s. #Miguel #SNL

@NickAmadeus: (0:11:01) I wonder if the members of Miguel could have ever dreamed they’d be playing #SNL when they were assembled by a record executive 2 weeks ago.

@DlSCORD: (0:11:40) Miguel is the reason why everyone shouldn’t stereotype all Black people being rappers. #SNL

Weekend Update

Seth Meyers time. Korea, guns, The Pope, Reebok, Rick Ross, Fleet Week, Brad Paisley and LL Cool J (Jason Sudeikis!), Accidental Racist, “Racism is cured, ya’ll!”, Kid Rock, Cookie Monster, Marina Chapman monkey woman skit (bad, but weird enough to enjoy), a mention of the canceled NBC show Animal Practice! …Justin Kirk, I miss you!

School Dance with a Rich Man on the Hill

80’s references and gay subtext. Not funny.

NBC Sports

Can I just be honest? F.

More Migel

Can I be honest again? I don’t care. The music doesn’t speak to me.

┬áBar Skit – 90’s

“Hey there Last of the Mohunkan’s.” Weird dancing. Horny drunks. I grade it a D. Why did the night get so bad all of a sudden?

And it’s OVER

At the end, Eric got his phone back. Hooray! And…I’m back to wondering if “The Internship” is even worth seeing, because Vince Vaughn has lost his luster once more. Now he’s just a tall dud with very small dime eyes.

That’s it for me tonight, you devils. Stay cool.