Did you know that Gunsmoke is the longest running TV show ever? Well, you are painfully aware of this fact if someone you know is attempting to watch every single frickin’ episode via Netflix Instant Watch.

snl obama

The recent SNL cold open involved Bill O’Reilly (Jason Sudeikis) interviewing Barack Obama (Fred Armisen). And well, Obama was pretty good at the culture quiz. Hooray. It involved a question about Gunsmoke and the character of Miss Kitty.

Now, the real Obama doesn’t have time to watch Gunsmoke, but you certainly do. And you also have time to watch this video clip to broaden your pop culture horizons:

Bill O’Reilly-Barack Obama Cold Open Video: Fox News host Bill O’Reilly continues his Super Bowl Sunday sitdown with President Barack Obama.

I suggest watching one episode of Gunsmoke to realize how boring TV used to be. Or, uh, I mean, amazing.  People in their 50’s will likely appreciate it more than me. Now, Netflix also has Fraggle Rock so that takes care of the rest of my afternoon, tyvm.

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