“They should call it the Funger Games, because everyone is having so much fun,” reporter Maria Gutierrez relayed to us last night.

Sofia Vergara

On a night where the band was a teen sensation (One Direction) it makes sense that SNL would get in on “The Hunger Games” action as well. (Although the books and movie are not only for teens, nor is the band. Don’t get all up in arms.)

SmallScreenScoop agrees with this: “Tylenol. Got a spear in your head? Tylenol!”

Host Sofia Vergara played a pink-haired, shimmy shaking, patently annoying reporter (similar to Effie Trinket) who kept getting the tributes killed – with glee. Bill Hader played Caesar Flickerman, and we saw Abby Elliot as Katniss.

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We also learned about The Hunger Games: Puppy Bowl! Those poor puppies.

Watch the SNL Hunger Games video below:

SNL Puppy Bowl picture from ezienguyen.tumblr.com