Oddly, the proposal didn’t make our list! Below are the highlights of Smash “Tech.”

When Rebecca and Karen are both talking about wigs and their insecurities…it showed even celebrities feel that way.
I.E. “It probably looks better on you.”

With the spotlight on them, they probably feel it even more. Or, then again, maybe they get used to it. Someone call up Julia Roberts and ask her!

“You know Marilyn was always afraid of being a joke.”
Aren’t we all? Maybe not all, but aren’t a lot of us afraid we’re not good enough?

When Rebecca sang “Happy Birthday” it was such a Marilyn thing to do.
But did Marilyn hate JFK the way Rebecca hates her director?

Trying to decide if Michael should be hired or not was a complicated issue.
Our minds kept switching.

Derek kissing Rebecca!
Something true had to come of Ivy’s insecurity.

Smash review pictures courtesy of NBC.