The title of the show is a lie.

While the show is good, it’s not a smash.

Karen vs Ivy

I was surprised when commentors on my last Smash review disagreed so much with the idea that the show is favoring Karen. Sure, we might see more of Ivy right now but the show, to me, seems very much all about making Karen look innocent and good and sweet vs the diva that Ivy is. While we get backstory on Karen’s life, we don’t ever get quite as much on Ivy. (Of course, this episode did provide us with some about her Mom, at least.)

Ivy’s Mama Drama

First off, if Ivy is a Broadway legacy why hasn’t it come up before?

Now, because I’m not a musical theater enthusiast, I only sort of know about who Bernadette Peters is. (Stop gasping!) For that reason, I felt a little out of the loop when everyone was so hyped up about her character. (Because she was playing a character how was essentially, more or less, herself. And I felt upset that I couldn’t walk into everything with as much enthusiasm and love, so now I feel like an outsider who maybe isn’t even meant to enjoy this show. (Of course, that’s silly. NBC wants as many viewers as possible, and I don’t think they meant to ostracize any.)

The Dusty Material

With Glee, we get new material all the time. Even if it’s not brand new. While Smash has a few songs I really like, they’re using the same songs over and over. And the same clips, too. How long can a show go on like this?

Final Smash review notes:

– Julia is annoying. Goodbye, go away.
– Ellis is predictable. And creepy. And annoying. His off screen plotting is very loud for someone who hardly says anything.
– Tom needs more of a story.
– Fire Michael, I don’t care. I should care, though.

Photo by Eric Liebowitz/NBC