Make no mistake, Smash is biased towards Karen Cartwright.

megan hilty

The Bias Against Ivy Lynn

Hopefully we get a storyline about how Ivy becomes more confident and less of a diva. For now, the show has turned us against her. Every opportunity to convince us that she’s a brat is made. In reality, we think she’s a hard-working and talented woman who is justifiably mystified by just how damn lucky Karen is. Speaking of…

Karen’s one Hell of a Lucky Duck

Doesn’t she have to pay any dues? And does her cavalier attitude about everything bother anyone? She didn’t even know the words to the songs at the Bar Mizvah. That is, she was giving a generally poor performance even when she wasn’t busy on her phone and ignoring the entire affair. She finished with a song about hell. Nice touch.

Affair, Affair, Affair

Storylines about affairs have always been popular, but never played out so tiredly. We don’t feel invested in the characters Michael and Julia. They had one sexy scene, but otherwise they seem pretty weak and self-obsessed.

Smash airs Mondays on NBC and stars Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee.