For a moment, we put a pin in standard TV, and turn to YouTube.

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If you’re single on Valentine’s Day 2014 – or even if you’re not – something heartwarming will always make you smile. And we’ve found something that is so fun and (frankly) awesome that even the hipsters will feel a tug at their cheeks.

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Video first. Explanation second. (To mix things up.)

Camera falls from a sky diving airplane and lands on my property in my pig pen.
I found the camera 8 months later and viewed this video.

Mia Munselle was flying a plane over her property, and the camera accidentally fell away.

Guess what she has on her property?

A pig pen.

The camera hurdled down to the ground, landing in Munselle’s pig pen. No pigs were harmed (thank God!), and the pigs actually came over to sniff the object, investigate, and ultimately try to eat. (Mmm, delicious.)

All of this is captured on video.

Munselle found her camera eight months later, and now has it on YouTube for us all to enjoy. (The cuteness is unbearable.)

…It’s a Valentine’s miracle?

Pigs don’t have to fly…if a camera falls from the sky? (Bonus rhyming!)

TELL US: What place do you wish a camera would fall down to so you could snoop?

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