secret-diary-of-a-call-girl-picturesShowtime has some AMAZING shows coming out in 2010. You need a rundown, so I’m here to provide you with one. It’s no secret to my friends that I am borderline obsessed with Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I’m also totally in love with United States of Tara, which is in its second season, and never too late to catch up on. (They were even offering episodes on Netflix at one point, I think.) Nurse Jackie left us on QUITE a cliffhanger in season one, so fans (including my Mom) are eagerly anticipating its second season. The fourth and final season of The Tudors also airs in 2010.  There’s also a new show called La La Land which looks promising. It has “British comedy sensation” Mark Wooton. I don’t know if he’s a comedy sensation but I do know that his last name makes me giggle.

Showtime TV Show Listings:

Saturday, January 23rd – Twilight (Movie – I will not be watching, ahem. I’d rather watch the SNL parody Firelight!)
Monday, January 25th – Secret Diary of a Call Girl (TV show – third season)
Monday, January 25th –Tracy Ullman’s State of the Union (TV show – third season)
Monday, January 25th –La La Land (TV show – first season)
Monday, March 22nd – Nurse Jackie (TV show – second season)
Monday, March 22nd – United States of Tara (TV show – second season)
Sunday, April 11th The Tudors (TV show – fourth season)