Looking for short films online to watch for free? We have some for you!

Showtime is known for being the home to some of TV’s best current series like Weeds and Dexter, and to champion Internet talent they’re also showcasing seven short films. You can catch the short films (titled together as Short Stories) at the Official Showtime Website for Short Stories, the Showtime station, Showtime on Demand, mobile devices, and on Youtube.

Short Stories includes the sensational PES, Academy Award nominee Don Hertzfeldt, and YouTube sensation Levni Yilmaz. The seven selected SHORT stories are as follows:

* The Deep by PES (Great for steampunk fans! The visuals and ideas here are amazing. If you’re a Tim Burton fan this is a must-see. It also reminds me of Sci fi a lot, so if you’re a Doctor Who fan? This is also a must-see.)

* Wisdom Teeth by Don Hertzfeldt (Pretty disturbing. I flinched.)
* Teachers I Have Had by Levni Yilmaz (This was my favorite! Sarcastic, funny, and sweet.)
* Dahlia by Michael Langan (Every level and component of this has a unique charm.)
* Walks of Life by Cyriak (Creepy in more ways than one.)
* Music Box by Mixtape Club (If you are someone who is particularly interested in music and sounds, you will find this undeniably compelling and beautiful to hear.)
* Pretty, Dead – Jeff Scher (Engrossing. Hard to look away.)

Tales of Mere Existence: A Few of my Highschool Teachers – Levni Yilmaz

Wisdom Teeth – Don Hertzfeldt

Walks of Life – Cyriak

Music Box – Mixtape Club

Pretty, Dead – Jeff Scher

The Deep – PES

Dahlia – Michael Langan