We’re already on X Factor season three, but we’ve yet to see the release of season one winner Melanie Amaro’s debut album.

So what happened to that $5 million recording contract she secured when she won the show almost two years ago? According to The Hollywood reporter, Melanie’s album “Truly” was set to be released a few months following the December 2011 X Factor finale when she was crowned the winner. But shortly after that, the album was pushed back to late 2012 and then it was pushed back again to March 2013. March came and went and still no album, even though season 2 winner Tate Stevens’ album dropped in April 2013. (More on where Tate is now coming soon)

After releasing three singles, “Don’t Fail Me Now,” “Love Me Now” and “Long Distance,” and failing to gain much interest, Epic records still has no release date set for the album. It’s starting to look like the album may never see the light of day.

Melanie has since made her stage debut in the play “You’re Never Alone.”



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