The X Factor 2013 season finale is this week and even though the season is almost over, there’s been no word from Fox if the lackluster singing show will be back for a fourth season.

Despite poor ratings, Simon Cowell told reporters on a conference call Monday that he has a good feeling about another season.

“I think the show will be coming back next year,” Simon said. “As to my role on it, I might have a different kind of role, we haven’t discussed that yet.”

And he’s quite happy with this season, he says.

“I think the show started off OK; I thought the four-chair challenge was terrific and the early live shows were OK and the last two weeks have been amazing,” Simon said. “As a series, particularly because of the talent, because of what Alex & Sierra have achieved on iTunes over the last couple of weeks is phenomenal.  I’m really happy that the show has achieved what it sets out to achieve which is to find a star.”

If the show does return next season, Simon hints at some obviously needed changes.

“What we have with X Factor is a huge core fan base that loves the show but we have got to be more than that,” Simon said. “We’re in the middle of a conversation about this is what we think the show should look like,  what the fans would like, so my role may change but I can’t say any more than that.”

Simon also mentioned the show going to just one night a week. Fox did that with So You Think You Can Dance this past season, so its likely The X Factor could follow.

“The thing about these shows over the years is they started off as one-hour shows and now it’s two hours or two and a half hours and then an hour show the next day,” Simon said. “That’s like watching a movie. It’s getting to be probably too much”

I agree Simon. One night a week is PLENTY.

What do you think? Do you think The  X Factor should return next season?

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