The X Factor 2013 Top 6 become the Top 4 tonight as two more acts will be eliminated based on America’s votes and what the judges decide to do tonight after the bottom two face off.

So who will be in the Final 4 semi-finals next week? Alex & Sierra, Restless Road, Ellona Santiago, Rion Paige, Jeff Gutt or Carlito Olivero?

We’re live-blogging the results as they happen, so be sure to stick with us and share your thoughts on what’s happening in our comments section below. So let’s get to it.

The X Factor 2013 Top 6 Results 


  • Ellona Santiago


  • Restless Road
  • Alex & Sierra
  • Jeff Gutt

Bottom Two 

  • Carlito Olivero
  • Rion Paige

Face-off Performances

Rion Paige, “The House That Built Me.” That was sweet, soft and tender. I think it was a little whiny, but I think it did the job. I don’t see her being sent home.

Carlito Olivero, “You Make Me Wanna.” Well he can work a stage, but I think Rion has him on the vocals. I’d probably just keep Rion and send him home.

Judges’ Votes

  • Demi votes to send home Carlito.
  • Paulina votes to eliminate Rion.
  • Kelly votes to send home Rion.
  • Simon votes to eliminate Rion.


  • Rion Paige





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