The X Factor 2013 Top 6 became the Top 4 on Thursday night as America’s votes send Ellona Santiago packing and put Carlito Olivero and Rion Paige in the bottom two.

And then by a 3-1 judge vote, Rion too was sent home. So that leaves Alex & Sierra, Restless Road, Carlito Olivero and Jeff Gutt. One of them will become the next winner of The X Factor. But which one? Let’s take a look at who has the most potential.

Who Will Win The X Factor?

I’ll rank the final four on how I think they could finish based on everything we’ve seen so far. (Please keep in mind, this is just a prediction, based on many different factors).

4th Place: Carlito Olviero. I think this is definitely where he will finish. He’s almost gone home twice now and even though he’s had several weeks of solid performances, I don’t think he can catch up to the other three acts.

3rd Place: Jeff Gutt. This where it starts getting tricky. I seriously think the next three acts could all place in any of the top three spots. It’s all going to come down to song choice. But as of now I think Jeff is most-likely to finish third.

2nd Place: Alex & Sierra. I think they could actually win, but right ┬ánow I’m going to leave them in the No. 2 spot. Instead of repeating myself, find out why in the next spot.

Winner: Restless Road. Right now I’m feeling Restless Road for the win. But if anyone can upset them, it’s Alex & Sierra. But X Factor fans like country. And they like cute guys. And Simon Cowell has been pimping them pretty hard. I think unless something goes haywire, the guys have it.

Who do you think has what it takes to win The X Factor 2o13?


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