Restless Road was booted from The X Factor 2013 last week, just missing the finale, but the group promises it’s not the end of them.

Zach Beeken, Colton Pack and Andrew Scholz were assembled by X Factor judges after not making it past their solo auditions. So it was up in the air if they would try to continue their careers as a trio. And it sounds like Restless Road will live on.

“We want to get right to work and hopefully get signed to a record label and get started on an album and working on singles. I think that’s kind of what our game plan is for the future,” Colton told reporters.

Zach echoed Colton’s sentiments.

“We’re just like a family,”  Zach said. ”We’re like brothers. We know that we all want to succeed, and if we want to do that, we all have to support each other. It can’t just be one person that runs the show. We’re all in the group. We’re all important.”

The guys are also happy with their time on the X Factor, even if they did fall short of the finale.

“We’re just happy to make it as far as we did because we almost didn’t make it anywhere past the second round,” Andrew Scholz told Zap2it .”We got nos in the boys category, then we got put in this group which was just a blessing. We’re so happy to be where we are.”

The guys also say they’re rooting for Alex & Sierra to take the title.

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