Last week on The X Factor 2013, we said goodbye to two more acts, leaving us with the Season 3 Top 6. The first act to be sent home last week was Lillie McCould. And after her elimination, she stopped for her exit interview.

Lillie, who was from Kelly Rowland’s Over 25s group, is surprised to be out of the competition, but she’s anything but sad.

“I expected a different outcome, but America knows what they want,” Lillie explained. “Surprisingly I’m still happy. It was an unbelievable ride. So it’s hard to not still be happy. I wouldn’t trade it. I would still do it again.”

What about her favorite parts of the show?

“My favorite moment is when I could be myself,” she said. And her favorite performance? She loved doing “Who Wants To Live Forever.”

Lillie doesn’t touch on her future, but she has a message for her fans. “Don’t you dare shed a tear for me,” she says.

Check out Lillie’s exit interview below.

Lillie McCloud’s The X Factor 2013 Exit Interview

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