The most recent eliminated contestant on The X Factor 2103 was Josh Levi from Paulina Rubio’s boys group. Josh had a couple of strong weeks, but then things went south when he landed in the bottom two with Rion Paige during Thursday night’s live results show.

Josh failed to convince the judges to keep him over Rion so he followed Lillie McCould out the door. But before he left, he stopped for an exit interview to discuss his elimination and what he’s taking away from the contest.

“I was definitely surprised that I got the least amount of votes,” Josh said. “I was disappointed obviously. But I’m so thankful to make it this far.”

Josh is sad that he had to leave short of the Top 6, but he is doing so with his head held hight. “I’m not leaving with any regrets,” he said. He’s very happy with his performances and time on the show, he said.

Find out what else Josh had to say in his exit interview below.

Josh Levi’s X Factor 2013 Exit Interview

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