The X Factor 2013 Final Three are ready to take to the X Factor stage one last time to convince America they have what it takes to win season 3.

Each of the acts will be taking on three songs each and we’ll be live-blogging the main event so don’t go anywhere! I’ll be reviewing each episode and assigning letter grades, as always. I’ll also be sharing with you how to vote for your favorite acts.

So who’s going to shine the brightest tonight? Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt or Carlito Olivero? Let’s find out!

The X Factor 2013 Finale Performances

Round one 

Carlito Olivero, “Impossible.”  Well this was horrible. Carlito has had  a few good weeks but he’s lost his stride. This was probably one of his word performances. It was all over the place.

  • Performance Grade: C-
  • How to Vote for Carlito: 1-855-843-9302

 Alex & Sierra, “Give Me Love.” That was probably one of their best performances ever. So that definitely puts them in a good place in this competition. They might just win it. I liked that a lot. It was sweet and tender and romantic. Great job.

  • Performance Grade: A+
  • How to Vote for Alex & Sierra: 1-855-843-9301

 Jeff Gutt, “Dream On.” Now that was a finale performance. Are you kidding? That was fantastic. And that ending? Yes, please. Perfect.

  • Performance Grade: A+
  • How to Vote for Jeff: 1-855-843-9305

Round one

Carlito Olivero and Prince Royce, “Stand By Me.” This was a smart song to reprise. It was one of Carltio’s best. And this time around it was even better. He needed this to make up for that first song.

  • Performance Grade: A-
  • How to Vote for Carlito: 1-855-843-9302

Alex & Sierra and Leona Lewis, “Bleeding Love.” The vocals were solid, but that was a pretty boring performance. I think they’ll be OK, but this performance did nothing for me.

  • Performance Grade: B
  • How to Vote for Alex & Sierra: 1-855-843-9301

Jeff Gutt and John Rzeznik, “Iris.” This wasn’t Jeff’s best performance, but it’s a good song and it was a nice duet with the Goo Goo Dolls frontman. So I’ll give it a solid rating.

  • Performance Grade: B+
  • How to Vote for Jeff: 1-855-843-9305

Round three

Carlito Olivero, “Maria, Maria.” This was his best song from the season? I don’t think so. And that entrance was so self-indulgent and obnoxious. And I have nothing good to say about his vocals. This performance is doing him no favors.

  • Performance Grade: B-
  • How to Vote for Carlito: 1-855-843-9302

Alex & Sierra,”Say Something.” I feel like I’ve heard them perform this song 100 times. Maybe it’s just because most of their stuff sounds the same. I mean it’s a good performance and they’re probably going to win the show, but I want to see something different from them.

  • Performance Grade: A
  • How to Vote for Alex & Sierra: 1-855-843-9301

Jeff Gutt, “Creep.” Good call on reprising this song. I think I liked it better the first time, but this time was still fantastic. I think Jeff is the one who deserves to win after tonight’s performances, but I doubt he will. I think he had the best overall performances.

  • Performance Grade: A+
  • How to Vote for Jeff: 1-855-843-9305

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